Thursday, January 24, 2013

"I'm Afraid to Post this Blog" Blogger Challenge

I posted a blog last week-end called, "I'm Afraid to Post this Blog."  I talked about some of my personal challenges and it was scary for me to put it all out there.  If you missed it, I invite you to check it out here.

I almost couldn't believe the outpouring of support. So many people wrote to say that they were just like me.  I can't even express how refreshing it was to read all the reminders that we are not alone in our personal struggles.

We are all human.  Who are we trying to kid with all this perfection bullshit

In my post I invited other bloggers to share their own, "I'm Afraid" blogs.  I am so impressed with these brave women (no men, interesting) who were willing to come clean in the name of transparency.  Please check out these great posts from bloggers sharing the things they might otherwise be afraid to tell you.  

Fit and Fat: The Secret I Keep about Being Hungry from One Lovely Run

Let's Get Real Here from Couch to Ironwoman

Good Enough from Running Away with Myself

Am I a Hypocrite? from Love Life Surf

Becoming Transparent: The 'I'm Afraid to Post This' Mission from Project Girl Get Fit 

Pity Party of One: Your Table is Ready from Never Ever Been Skinny 

I'm Afraid to Post This Blog from Carpe Diem Crystal 

Today I was the slowest runner at my new team’s practice from Running to Race

I'm Afraid to Post This Blog from Melissa Running It

Thankful Thursday: Stretchmarks from Rise.Run.Mom.Repeat 

Fighting the Fear from It's All About the Journey

My Story of Darkness from Evelin Runs

Let's Go Ahead and be Vulnerable from The Almost Vegan

Baggage from Smilin4Sugar

I'm Afraid to Post This Blog: Dun Dun Dun from Sneakers and Fingerpaints

I'm Afraid to Post This Blog from Jacqueline Gonzales

I'm Not Perfect from Muddy Mommy

If you are a blogger I invite you join in with me on the "I'm Afraid to Post This Blog,"challenge .  What are you afraid to share with your readers? I think it is important to portray a transparent, real world, real life, fitness journey complete with our faults and struggles.  Even the most famous, most fit, most compelling blogger has some areas of imperfection in their lives. When we share our imperfections, it goes a long way in showing others that perfection is not the goal, or even reality.  I believe that steady progress, growth, and a well-rounded healthy lifestyle is the goal, complete with all internal struggles that go along with being a human being. 

Who is in?  I'll link back to your blog posts here if you decide to share your own, "I'm Afraid to Post This Blog."  Just submit your post to

It is not too late.  Send me your post and I will add it. Men? Where are you?

Keep Running,


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  1. I do really like this idea for a blog post, it's good to get EVERYTHING off your chest sometimes. To be honest though, I am really not afraid to talk about anything - if anything you should probably tell me to SHUT UP more than anything over on my blog ;)

  2. Thanks for putting the challenge out there! My stomach still drops when I see someone has commented on my post. All part of letting go, right?

  3. What a great group of courageous women! We aren't perfect and never will be.

  4. It's awesome to see so many people write posts! Thanks for including my post here. Can't wait to check out the others.

  5. I love seeing that a bunch of other people did this too!

  6. Hmm, I'd definitely have to think about this one!

    1. If you decide to do it, please be sure to let me know so I can share! :)

  7. This is great! What a good way for us to share our insecurities and help one another see that it's okay to have faults. We are all in this together. :)

  8. Love reading this and plan on reading the ones that are linked in this post. I know I SHOULD do a blog post like this but I am just not sure how to go about it and if anyone would read.

    1. Shelley! I would read it and I will share here! You should do it, think about it! :)

    2. I will think about it and try to get it put in to words. Thanks

  9. Newbie reader here & can I just say, what an amazing post to jump in on. I love your honesty & can relate 100%! I often write things similar to this & hit the delete button. I applaud you for being so brave!

  10. This is a fabulous theme for a post! We all have things that we'd rather not blog about. Takes guts to put it all out there! Kudos to everybody!

  11. Found you through instagram and now following :) excited to follow along!

  12. Lea, I didn't realize you included me in this - thank you very much for sharing me with your readers.

    I just read the other blogs. It just sent my mind spinning. I had this plan for today's blog post and it was chaos already with my mind already smoking with topics. It's like I just want to reach out to all of them and hug them and make them my friends. In my life.

    If there is one thing I have learned since starting my blog Jan 1 is that the connection of kindness and understanding is tremendous and now I feel a responsibility to my readers.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm stealing your intro video idea, just confessing right now. I'm stealing from you.

    1. Your story was moving, I HAD to share it. I agree that there is more responsibility in this blogging thing that I initially realized. Please steal the video idea, I stole it from someone else, keep it going! p.s. it took me nearly 2 hours to record 14 measly seconds of video. I'm terrible in front of a camera. I need to do it more so I get better! I'll watch for yours on the blog. :)


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