Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Racing Facts About Me

1. Race Fuel: I simply eat a banana and a few cups of coffee. I call caffeine, my performance enhancing drug.  
2. Race Clothes: I like to run in shorts and tank tops, even when it is cold. My compression leg sleeves and arm warmers go a long way in keeping me warm.  I usually bring a throw away sweat shirt for races in the cold.  I wear it at the start and ditch it once I warm up.

3. Post Race Reward Meal or Drink: I think I ran too many half-marathons, every time I cross a finish line I feel like I earned a beer, even at a 5K.  My favorite is a Corona Light with lime. Usually I start to fantasize about it around mile 11.

4. Favorite Race Song: Even though it feels like it is my social and moral obligation to mention my Jack White obsessions bands (the White Stripes, the Raconteurs, the Dead Weather), I must tell you my favorite racing song is "Burn It Down" by Awolnation. Although I change the words in head from "Burn it Down," to Run it Home, Baby, Run it, Run it, Home. It works for me when I need a boost.

5. Favorite Race Superstition: I swear I run faster with my pink compression leg sleeves. I rarely run a race without them.

6. Biggest race accomplishment: Once I finished first in my age group in a very small local 10K.

7. Favorite Race Distance: I like a 5K because I can kill myself running fast and it is over fairly quickly.  I like a 10K because I almost never feel like I might die at the end.  I like a half marathon, because I like the bling and it always feel like such an accomplishment.

Half Marathon Bling

8. Your Biggest Racing Goal:  I have never run a full marathon. I plan to do it in 2013.  I'd love to do it in 4 hours, but at this point, I'll be just happy to finish.

9. Your Favorite Running Shoes: I usually buy Nike or Asics but I am open to any comfortable stylish shoe.

10. Your Favorite Racing Accessory:  Just one?  I love my SPI belt, I don't know how anyone races without one. I also love my Road-ID tag on my shoe... and my compression sleeves...and my Nike + GPS.

11.  Last but not least, what is one non-running fact about you? I like to listen to music on vinyl, except when I run, because the record player would skip out there on the street.  I haven't bought a CD since 2006.  These days, I buy all my new music on vinyl and pray it comes with a free digital download for the car and my runs.

How about you? What are your racing facts?

Keep Running,


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