Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dear Me in 2013 (A Poem)

Dear Me,

I know you are perfect
The way that you are,
But we all can improve some,
Raise the bar.

You’ll eat healthy foods
Dense with nutrition.
You’ll  move your butt more,
You’ll be full of ambition.

You’ll run faster and better,
A new PR achieved.
You’ll pump iron and get stronger
Than you ever believed.

You won’t let the internet
Be so disruptive
To your goals and dreams,
You’ll be more productive!

You’ll read more and write more
With less television.
Less time on the net will be
A conscious decision.

You’ll live in moderation
Enjoying this life.
The good and the bad
Will balance out nice.

Blah Blah Blah,
We have heard it before.
I think we’ll skip this usual
Resolute bore.

Let’s talk about the things
That really matter in life.
Family, great friends, and
Being a wife.

This year you’ll resolve
To be the best version of you.
And not compare yourself
To what others do.

You’ll promise to love yourself
Despite all your flaws.
To strive to love others,
Just because.

You’ll  try to put yourself second
To those in your heart.
Give love freely and openly,
For the most part.

You have so much more
Than you could earn or deserve.
You’ll whine less and praise more,
Without reserve.

Dear Me, these are our plans
For two thousand thirteen.
I pray for the best year
That we’ve ever seen.

And for YOU out there,
Thanks for reading along.
I wish you happiness
And joy all the yearlong.

photo credit: net_efekt via photopin cc


  1. A regular Dr. Seuss of fitness you are.
    For me, in 2013, I plan to run far.
    How many miles you might want to ask?
    As many as I can, it's quite the task.

  2. Awesome! We should all print that out and post on our refrigerators as a daily affirmation :) Happy New Year!

  3. I write goals, not resolutions, but this year I am hesitant as all of last year's went to hell in a handbasket.

    1. I agree! I always say you don't have to wait for the new year to resolve to make changes. Every day is a new day for new goals. New Years just offers ANOTHER chance at goal setting. Good luck with yours!

  4. I'm with you all the way! Well said!

  5. All the best for you, keep your positivity. wish me luck too~ ;)


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