Saturday, November 10, 2012

An Ode to My First (Full) Marathon

I just got registered
for the Surf City Full.
I wonder if I'm crazy
or if I just have sole.

On February Fifth
To Huntington Beach.
Twenty six point two
This dream's within reach.

There will be chaffing and blisters,
Blood sweat and tears.
All leading up to those
finish line beers.

On Superbowl Sunday
When you're watching football,
I'll be crossing the finish
no matter run or crawl.

All this rhyming
Is fun and games
But I better get training
or bring on the pain!

Keep Running,


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I got this!

photo credit: chuddlesworth via photopin cc


  1. Hahaha! Best poem ever. You're going to rock it!

  2. AWESOME!!! I remember "my first" like it was yesterday (Disney Marathon) - it was the most rewarding thing I had ever set my mind (and body) to and the Finish LIne was the sweetest site I'd ever seen :)

    Happy training....and most of all, have fun!


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