Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last Things List: My Last Purchases

I am generally a very cheap thrifty kind of gal.  It is my hubby who is the spender in the family.  I save money, try not to use credit cards, and always look for bargains.  I've definitely been known to hunt in the thrift stores.  I sometimes find it hard to part with the money that is in my savings account. 

Hubby on the other hand...

His spending philosophy is summed up in these two statements, "We'll make more," and "You can't take it with you."   I prefer to try to stay somewhere in the middle.  Spend a little, don't deprive yourself of life's pleasures if you can afford them.  However, stay away from credit and keep a hefty emergency fund.   Just like in fitness, it is not healthy to have an 'all or nothing' mentality.  Sometimes I save every penny and won't spend $5 on a bottle of shampoo, if I don't really need it (i.e. I have 14 other half used bottles in the cupboard).  Other times, like this week-end, I spend like I think I'm rich (I'm not even close).

A lot of times, I spend more money on experiences, like races and concerts, than I do on tangible things. 

Spending, like anything else, can be somewhat addicting.  When you start spending, it can be hard to stop.  It is important to find that balance.

With all that being said, here is my Last Things List: My Last Purchases:

1.  The San Antonio Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon:  
The race cost a hefty $100 and that included the $20 off one-day-only anniversary discount.  I knew I'd be running this for months, but I waited until the last minute to purchase and paid at the top of the tiered pricing.  I never said I wasn't a dummy.  Luckily, I am driving down with my BFF and staying with her friend so there won't be any additional car or hotel expenses.  She won't be running, but will be cheering me on from the sidelines.  You can read about what else not to do when training for a half marathon here.

2. New Running Gear:
My other BFF bought me a $50 gift certificate for my birthday from my favorite local running store.  My friends are so great, they know exactly how to make me happy.  Yesterday, I ran my long run at Trinity Park which is conveniently located right next to the store.  I stopped by to spend my gift certificate immediately following my run.   I was very sweaty, even though it was cool, it was very humid as I ran along Trinity river, so I didn't want to try anything on.   I had a Nike running skirt and running Capri's in my hand.  I just couldn't decide between the two, so I bought both.  I officially now spend more money on workout clothes than I do regular clothes. 
I love the built in shorts underneath
I couldn't decide so I got them both

3. Go Pro Camera:
I went to Target to buy a new photo album for my mud run pictures.  The photo album I chose was on clearance for $7.  I like these albums because they have space to the side of the picture to write dates, names, etc.  It comes in handy a decade later when you are looking through old pictures thinking, "Who are these people?"   On the way to the photo album aisle, I stopped over in electronics.   Isn't this what always happens at Target?  They had the Go Pro 11 megapixel waterproof action video camera on clearance for $100 off. This was a completely frivolous purchase.  I have been eying the Go Pro for about a year now.  I bought a knock-off cheaper camera and wore it (i.e. duct-taped it) on my chest for the Dirty Girl Mud Run.  The quality was not that great and the battery died after 21 minutes.  I returned that camera after the run because I wasn't happy with the quality.  I am very excited to wear this new camera to make more action videos for my blog.  p.s. I bought the chest strap too, so I don't have to use duct-tape next time.

My new $7 photo album which was the gateway drug to the Go Pro Camera purchase
Despite the look on my face, I really am happy about this chest strap so I don't have to use duct-tape next time.

This is the 44 second video that hubby made from my duct-tape-strapped-action-video-camera. Click the arrow to play.  Now that I have the Go Pro, you can expect to see more of these types of posts on my blog!

4. Mac Pro Longwear LipCreme Extended Play Lipstick and matching lip pencil:
I know it doesn't sound like it from this post, but I really am a thrifty girl.  I generally buy drug store make-up and it has always suited me just fine.  I'll occasionally buy a prestige brand mascara or lipstick, but I generally take care of my beauty needs in the aisles of Wal-Mart.  This was a total impulse purchase.  I wasn't even planning on going to the mall.  My friend needed to return something at Nordstorm, and while I was waiting on her putting money back in her account, I was going the other way.  This lipstick is awesome.  Honestly, in my 38 years on this earth, I think it is the first long wearing lipstick that I tried that didn't dry out my lips and it actually stayed on my lips for hours, even after drinking and eating. 

5. Target Board Shorts:
Last and least expensive are my new shorts from Target.  They call them board shorts, so I kind of suspect they are supposed to be like swim wear for people who don't like to wear bathing suits, or maybe a cover up, but these shorts are great for running.  They are comfortable, made with 100% super soft polyester in bright fun colors.  The best part is that they were on clearance for $4 each.  I told you I was thrifty!  I bought three colors, I am wearing the pink ones, so they didn't make the shot.

I think it is time now to go on a spending-fast for a few months until it is time to start Christmas shopping.  I really have been blessed with more than I could ever ask for, and so much more than I need.  All these things are great, but the real joy of life is in my relationships and exploring my passions.  I am grateful for the opportunity to splurge every now and again, but like all things in life, you have to find the right balance.

Thanks for checking out my last things list.  What were the last things you purchased and loved?

Keep Running,


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  1. Great deals! I swear I only buy fit gear now lol?

  2. I love that running skirt that you got. I wear Nike Pro Compression shorts when I run, and I think that's what's under the skirt. I'm going to have to look into that. I just have to say I'm jealous of all of your fun purchases. I'd like to tap into the marathon signup and the Go Pro camera purchase too.

  3. love all the running gear. I just went to target to look around the other day and noticed like all of their running stuff was on sale. So i stocked up! (:

  4. The last fitness items I purchased were some Starter black long gymn shorts. Before that I had purchased P90X 2 which I hope to work into my schedule the first of next year.


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