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10 TIPS TO PLAY DIRTY AT YOUR NEXT MUD RUN (Dallas Go Dirty Girl Mud Run Recap)

I was a teenager in the early nineties when the show Thirtysomething was on television, I distinctly remember thinking, "Why would anyone want to watch a show about a bunch of old people."  Remembering a time when I thought thirty was old makes me laugh.  I look around at my friends now, who are mostly 40, or at least pushing 40 like me, and I think we all look so great and young.  We don't look 40.  40 is supposed to look old. I still feel like a kid.  I still feel the same as I did in high school.  I still kind of feel like that little girl who used to play in the mud.  As a matter of fact, I am still that little girl who plays in the mud.  If you ever want to relive your childhood, to remember what it actually feels like to be a kid, I highly recommend reclaiming the twelve-year-old version of yourself by participating in a mud run.

I registered for the Go Dirty Girl Mud Run at Cedar Hill State Park near Dallas, TX and recruited my best friend and former running partner to get muddy with me.  I woke up at 5 am on Saturday morning to the coldest morning Dallas TX has probably seen since April.  I just couldn't decide what to wear.  Hubby reminded me that it wasn't a fashion show, everyday is a fashion show to me, I wanted to look cute, be comfortable, and warm (but not too warm, especially once I started running).  I stepped out on the front porch and it was cold, but seemed bearable.  I slipped on the cutest work out skirt ever that I got from Palm Beach Athletic Wear, and my Running for Dummies tank.  Just as I was leaving, I made a last minute decision to grab a long sleeve tech shirt, just in case.  I am so glad that I did.

After we navigated what seemed like miles and miles of dark winding roads, we finally pulled into the parking area.  We arrived at 6:30 am, about 90 minutes before the 8 am start time like they suggested, and we were some of the first people on site.  It was a little disorganized picking up our packets and checking our gear, but since we were practically the only ones there, it wasn't a big deal, and all the volunteers were super friendly and helpful.  Once we got our packets, we had an hour to kill.  It was freezing and windy, as the course was right on Joe Pool Lake.  We did warm-up exercises and stretches behind a food truck to block the wind and to try to stay warm.  I quickly traded my Running For Dummies tank for my Target Champion long sleeve tech top.  My apologizes to anyone in the parking lot that had to see me in sports bra as I made the switch.

Still Dark Outside!

Packet pick up

As I was checking my gear, I accidentally ripped off the free beer ticket from my bib.  This was a valuable little piece of paper, I certainly couldn't risk losing it!  I started to think about where I could stash it, where it wouldn't get lost or ruined in the mud.  In my sock? In my bra?  Then I remembered, my awesome PB Athletic Wear skirt had a zippered pocket in the back, perfect to hold a key, your ID, credit card, or better yet, a free beer ticket.  I zipped it away for safe keeping.

Armed with a water-proof disposable camera and a water proof action video camera strapped* to my chest, I was ready to run! (*When I say strapped, I mean duct taped, of course.)  There was loud music, a lot of energy, and some very excited girls at the starting line.  The first wave at 8 am wasn't too crowded, I guess all the smart(er) people, signed up for waves later in the day when it would be warmer.  Oh well, I never said I wasn't a dummy.  After the National Anthem, the first wave of the first ever Dallas Go Dirty Girl Mud Run was off!

These girls were so cute!  Lots of teams wore fun costumes!  I love those socks!

The obstacles were really fun and never too challenging, they seemed like they would be appropriate for any fitness level, and you always had the option of detouring around any obstacle.  When was the last time you crawled on your hands and knees through the mud, the last time you scaled a wall, or climbed up and back down a rope ladder 20 feet in the air?  I even skinned my knee.  This is the stuff kids are made of.  The running portions of the course were relaxed and laid-back through the wooded park area, there were plenty of walkers between the obstacles, and I never pushed my pace like I would have in a regular 5K.

During the first part of the course, I was more conservative in the way I approached the muddy obstacles, but by the end, I was diving in head first, attempting to get as muddy as possible.  One of the obstacles towards the end was actually in Joe Pool Lake.  They had low nets set up and you had to crawl under the net, through the lake water and mud.  The water in the lake was warmer than the cool air, so I almost didn't want to get out.  As I emerged on the other side of the nets, the camera man gave me a thumbs up and said, "classy," with surely a hint of sarcasm.  I was a little worried about what he saw through that lens.  I guess we will see when the professional pictures are published.  The lake water washed away a lot of the mud that I had accumulated to that point, but we had one final trek through a mud pit before crossing the finish line.

I can't remember the last time I had so much fun, or got so dirty!  We donated our old muddy shoes, they clean them up and give them to the needy, and dried off after we picked up our belongings from gear check.  We just might have been the very first people in the beer tent to redeem our free drink coupon.  Beer at 9 am on a Saturday?  Sure, why not?  After playing like a kid, we can at least relax like an adult with our one free drink.  My trusty skirt pocket kept my drink ticket dry and safe, even though I was submerged in water and mud several times. The Element V Lotus Skirt by Bluefish Sport is described as a tennis skirt on the PB Athletic Wear website.  I suppose you could do something boring like play tennis in it, but it really was the perfect mud run skirt/skort.  The light weight, quick drying, stretchy, fabric provided the perfect amount of coverage, breath-ability, and comfort.   I never once was constricted, weighed down, or over-exposed (those built in spandex shorts were key).


1.  Avoid wearing cotton at all costs.  Cotton absorbs water and mud.  You will get weighed down quickly.  Try to find technical gear that wicks moisture.  It will help you stay dry(er) and light.

2. Avoid loose fitting clothing.  As a matter of fact, wear as little clothing as possible.  Even though it was cold,  I was grateful that I was wearing my skirt/shorts.  My friend wore long pants and she said they got heavy towards the end of the course.

3. Have fun!  Don't take it too seriously.  Be prepared to get dirty!

4.  Invite lots of friends!  The more the merrier it seems.  There were so many large groups of girls in costumes that looked like they were having a blast!

5.  Leave the cell phone, GPS, iPod or anything else you still want to own tomorrow at home.  You will be submerged in water and mud several times.  Although I can almost guarantee that you will survive the course, your iPhone won't.

6.  Buy a waterproof disposable camera for pictures, be prepared for your pictures to come back looking like they were taken in the 70's.

7.  Bring a towel, a dry set of clothes, bra, underwear and shoes for after the run.

8.  Bring trash bags to cover your car seats for the drive home, just in case.

9.  Wear old shoes, and if you are feeling generous, donate them to the charity.  They will clean them up and give them to the needy.

10.  Enjoy your free adult beverage, but please be responsible and safe, please don't drink and drive.

Check out this awesome 44 second video that hubby made from my duct-tape-strapped-action-video-camera. Click the arrow to play:

Sounds like fun, right? Check out this link and see if a Go Dirty Girl Mud Run is coming to your city!

Have you ever done a mud run?  Any tips for my readers that I haven't covered?  When is your next race?

Keep Running,


*Disclaimer:  These thoughts and opinions are my own, while I was provided the Palm Beach Athletic Wear skirt free of charge for the purpose of review, I’m under no obligation to give it a positive review.  If I hated it, I’d tell you.

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  1. FANCY video!! I've never done a mud run but I do think I could handle this one!

  2. I laughed when you said "everyday is a fashion show to me". That obstacle course looks like a lot of fun. What kid would not want to do that everyday. Great video which looks professional....but some guy called Russell appeared multiple times in the credits!

  3. Great tips and super cute outfit ;-). LOVE the muddy pics. It's great that you can donate the shoes.

  4. Ha ha. I have no plans to ever do a mud run....but love hearing about others dirty stories. :)

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