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Welcome to the second installment of Monday Must-haves.  This week I will be sharing my must have race gear.  When I told hubby about my list, he was quick to point out that I missed some necessities; legs, shoes, shorts, socks and a shirt.  Yeah, well, I meant besides those must-haves.

You will often hear me talk about how I gave up caffeine this year, but this does not apply to race day.  I wake up in the morning, drink a cup of coffee, or five (don't judge), and get on my way.  Since I normally don't drink caffeine, this really gives me an extra boost of energy.  I call it my performance enhancing drug.

I am slightly obsessive compulsive in running, so it is necessary for me to know exactly where I am on the course, my pace, my time, and how many miles left to go at any given second.  I ran the Color Me Rad 5K last week-end without my GPS, and even at only 3.1 miles, it drove me slightly crazy not to have it.

Nike + GPS watch

I love my compression sleeves, I usually only wear them when I race.  Maybe it is just a superstition, but I swear I always run faster when they are tightly wrapped around my legs.  Or maybe it is the race adrenaline and caffeine.  All I have to say is that I ran the Color me Rad 5k without them and I didn't PR. Coincidence? I think not.  Plus they look super stylish.  What?

compression sleeves

4. iPOD:
I hardly ever run training runs with music, except long runs at least 2 hours.  I love to have music for races to give me that extra bump in pace.  I created a rock-n-roll running playlist full of my favorite fast songs made especially for races. There is this awesome site called JOG FM that gives you the songs that have the correct beats per minute for the pace you want to run. Fast music = fast running = possible PR.

silly photo credit goes to the hubz: Russ Genders

I have no idea how anyone runs a race without one of these beauties.  What do people do?  Put their keys in their pocket? Tuck their ID in their sock? Stuff 5 hour energy bottles and cell phones down their bra? No, Thank you.  Before you start to think fanny pack, let me assure you that it is so small and lightweight that I hardly even remember it is buckled around my waist.

SPI belt

So tell me, what are your race must-haves?

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  1. MY must haves are my iPod, my Garmin, Zipfizz, and Sharkies energy chews. I would be lost without them:)

  2. My must haves are coffee, my iPhone for music and my Nike+ app to tell me what I'm doing! I definitely need to get a gps watch though and I never tried compression sleeves but I see them everywhere!

  3. Replies
    1. LOL! Coffee works for me for the same result!

  4. What exactly do compression sleeves do for you?

  5. I'm with you on all those items!! I'm notorious for a REDBULL before races though, usually the drive to, keeps me company. I've never tried compression sleeves but my tights are compression, I like the tightness it give, makes a HUGE difference!!

  6. Its amazing how compression pants make you feel faster..i wear my Nikes when I'm sprinting and it just makes you feel stronger!

  7. Haha! I love that you included coffee! It really is a must have.

  8. BelVita for brekky, MOTOACTV gps/music, fanny pack or fuel belt, sports beans, feetures socks, and a feisty cute running skirt

  9. BelVita for brekky, MOTOACTV gps/music, fanny pack or fuel belt, sports beans, feetures socks, and a feisty cute running skirt

  10. I share your must haves....mostly. I am considering compression sleeves but still on the fence due to cost.

    My must have is my handheld though- I've got to have water on every run or race. Period. With my sportsdrink recipe I make.

    I don't have a watch yet, but I'd love one that doesn't break the bank or just go without.

    I tried Rockstar energy recently and it made me crazy fast and on fire for hours - I could barely think, LOL.

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