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Shaun T on my TV

Thanks for following along as I blog about my experience doing Insanity.  

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This is it! My final two weeks in my first round of Insanity. Let me share with you the key to success with Insanity.  Do it everyday.  Do the best you can do.  Don't compare your fitness level to those people on the screen.  Push yourself to to do a little better each time.  Most importantly, hit play on the DVD player every day.  Consistency is the key.   I was shocked at how much I improved in the fit tests over the 9 weeks, and I thought I was in pretty good shape before I started.

I do have to admit that almost every single day before I started my workout for the day, those negative thoughts would creep in.

"This is going to be hard!"
"I don't feel like it!"
"I REALLY don't feel like it!"
"No, seriously, I don't feel like doing this today!"
"Why am I doing this again?"
"When am I going to be done with this program again?"
"Maybe I should take a rest day today."
"I'm too tired."
"I'm too busy."
"I don't have the energy today."

But most of the time I ignored those thoughts and pushed play on the DVD player anyway.  99% of the time, I felt better as I got into the workout.  100% of the time I felt like a complete bad-ass and on top of the world when I was finished.  Fighting those negative thoughts is 75% of the battle.  Your body can handle it, sometimes it is your mind that you have to convince.  I found as the weeks went on and the DVD's became more routine, and I knew what to expect, those negative thoughts were stronger and I had to fight harder to get through them.  I am not claiming I was perfect.  I was not.  I missed a work-out here and there, especially these last two weeks.  I don't beat myself up over missed work-outs.  We are talking one or two days in a 67 day program.  Forget it and move on.  As long as you keep moving forward, you will be fine.

I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform well on the fit test.  I don't know why.  Maybe because I know I would be sharing it here with you, I don't know, but I really stress before the test.  I did this in school too, maybe calling it a test is a negative trigger word for me. How about performance evaluation? Wait, that sounds scary too.  This second to last week, I decided to do the fit test on Sunday, the rest day, so that I wouldn't have to do the fit test plus Monday's hour long workout all in one day.

Week 7 Fit Test Results
Sunday is usually my Indulgence meal day.  Note to self: Don't eat a huge burrito and then attempt to do the fit test a mere few hours later.   I was fine in the beginning, but by the last exercise, I really thought that I was going to puke.  I slowed WAY down to avoid vomiting on my yoga mat during low plank obliques and still managed to beat my last fit test by one rep.

I generally am a very clean eater, but I slipped up nutritionally that second to last week.  I got back on track for the final week, but I did notice a huge difference in my performance and energy levels while my body was processing those bad foods.  

Final Results!
The Good: 
  • This super intense program delivers results in a short period of time.  If you are looking to improve overall fitness, this is the program for you.  
  • I like that you don't have to think about what your workout will be everyday, you just hit play and follow along.
  • Shaun T is the perfect instructor, providing clear instruction and motivation with minimal non-relevant commentary.
The Bad: 
  • By the end of the second month, I started to get bored with the repetitive nature of doing the same exercises over and over.  This is an issue with me with any DVD workout over time. 
  • Running took a back seat to Insanity.  I wasn't running as much because I was concerned about over stressing my body and/or losing weight.   Because Insanity is a six day a week program, I just wasn't able to get my regular runs in.  By the end of the program, I would be lucky to get in one good run a week.  I really missed running these last 9 weeks.
I highly recommend this program to anyone who already has some fitness experience.  It can be pretty intense, even for an experienced exerciser, so I don't think it is appropriate for true beginners.  It definitely gets easier over time.  Don't be discouraged by all the hype online about the difficulty of month two.  It is hard, but it is not that bad.  It is manageable, and as you progress through that second month, it gets better.  I definitely got stronger and was able to perform better over time. 

Stay Tuned for my final blog post with my final fit test, Insanity Before & After pictures, measurements, weight and body fat percentage.

I plan on repeating the program from month one after a short break starting mid-September, this time with a little more running.

Keep Running,


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  1. great job continuing the insanity! i know you'll finish strong! spa love!

  2. Well done! Are you back into the running this week?

    I think I would have been bored after that long too! But still an awesome workout.


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