Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Insanity was a challenging, rewarding experience.  I thought I was in pretty decent shape before I started, but apparently I was wrong.  Even after many years of running, boot camps, and my 2012 delve into weight training, Insanity still kicked my butt. I highly recommend Insanity for anyone who has some experience working out.  Do you want to get a lot stronger in a short period of time?  This is the way to do it.

As you can probably gather from my (incredibly awkward) before picture, my goal in doing Insanity was not to lose any weight.  My goals were to gain strength and endurance, become a better athlete, so that ultimately I could become a better runner.  My overall fitness level definitely improved over these last nine weeks.  While there is not a huge difference in my before & after pictures, I am unquestionably stronger. You can see proof of that in my final fit test results compared to my starting fit test nine weeks ago.
The final fit test!

My Final Fit Test!

I decided not to share my before and after weight and measurements here, because I got off path for 10 days nutritionally at the end, which are throwing off my numbers.  I didn't want to give the impression that I gained weight because of Insanity, when clearly it was the pizza and tortilla chips.  I mostly maintained my weight on the program (until I broke bad the second to last week), which was my goal.  No worries.  I am back on track and feeling great.  I don't let little things like numbers on the scale get me down.  I am happy with the way I look, the way my clothes fit and my overall performance.

I really did!

My goal in doing Insanity was to get stronger and without a doubt, I succeeded.  Now, time to mail off for that free t-shirt!  I plan on starting round 2 on Monday September 24th, this time with more running, because If I want to be a better runner, I better do some running. Who's with me?

You can catch up on my recaps as I moved through the program here:

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Keep Running,


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  1. wow you look friggen great! congrats! this is an awesome achievement!

  2. WOW Congrats on accomplishing that. Your start and finish fit tests are amazing!!!! I love that you are not posting your before and after measurements due to tortilla chips and pizza ;) LOL

  3. You look great! I see a huge difference in lean mass, definition and a healthy glow.

    Awesome. Man, now I'm considering this scary, scary.


    Well done!~

  4. Congrats! Great gains on the fit test!

  5. way to go girl! I love how you put "before: awkward" hilarious! You look great.

  6. I loved Insanity .... need to do it again in 2013

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