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I can’t believe August is over.  I can’t believe we are already about to begin Fall of 2012.  As fast as this year has flown by, I know from experience that the last part of the year is always the busiest and the fastest moving.   In September my baby brother is getting married in Pittsburgh, so Hubby and I will be making the trip back to my hometown to join in the festivities! September also happens to be the month of the annual celebration of my birth.  You can check my Pinterest boards for gift ideas.  Before we all realize it, The fall holidays will be behind us and we will be ringing in 2013, assuming the Mayans were wrong (just kidding).   But I am getting ahead of myself.  

This little guy is getting married!  He still looks just like this to me.

OK, this is what he looks like today.
August was a good month.  I accomplished some goals, beat some personal records and in general moved forward with most of my health and fitness goals.   I often use this blog as an outlet to share some of my personal achievements, but I think it is also important to openly discuss failures and shortcomings, because after all, we are all human.  We all slip up.  None of us are perfect.  Let’s start with the good. 

Things I rocked in August:
  1.  I continued with the Insanity program into the second month.  Every single day I hit play on the DVD player and killed myself for an hour with my new best friend / arch enemy Shaun T.  My last day of this round of Insanity is September 9th.  It was an amazing, rewarding, kick-ass experience, and I mean kick-ass literally.  My overall fitness has clearly improved.  I highly recommend this program to anyone that already has some fitness experience, as I don’t think it would be appropriate for beginners.   
  2.  I continued with my goal of running at least one race a month in 2012.  In August I ran a 10K with Fort Worth Running company.  I achieved a new personal record and for the first time ever placed first in my age group (old ladies 35-39).
  3.  I continued with my goal of doing a plank every single day (since march 2012).  I achieved a new personal plank record of  7:30, but if you read my blog, you probably already know about this since I haven’t stopped bragging about it since it happened. 
  4. I am eight months into my goal of running or walking at least one mile every single day in 2012, although I have to admit, there have been more walking miles than running lately.   
  5. I decided that I was spending too much money (and calories) going out to eat at lunch.  I committed to bringing my healthy lunch to work instead.   I think in the entire month of August, I went out to eat lunch twice.  This was quite an improvement over my previous two-three times a week. 
Things I Could Have Done Better:

For some reason, I have this is laser sharp focus and consistency when it comes to my workouts, but I struggle to apply that same diligence in other aspects of my life.  A few things that I am re-committing to for September:
  1.  I have been talking about studying for my personal training certification since February of this year.  I am disappointed in myself when realize that if I would have spent any small amount of time each day studying for the certification exam, I would have long ago achieved this goal.   I was doing OK in July, but have completely fallen off the wagon in August.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t opened that text book one time this month.  Anatomy is a daunting chapter, but no excuses! 
  2. This one is not fitness related.  My husband runs a small security alarm business (if you need a security alarm or surveillance cameras in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, he is your man).  It is my job to do the books for his business.  Accounting (or math in general) was never a strength of mine.   It is not too difficult though, we use Quickbooks.  I generally just need to enter and categorize expense purchases, do billing and enter payment receipts.  The problem is that because it is one of those things that I never feel like doing after I get home from my regular full-time job, I let it pile up until it is an out of control mess, then spend many frustrated hours trying to get caught up.  The bottom line is that if I would spend 15-20 minutes a day, I would never have to play catch up.  I would very rarely ever miss a work-out because I didn’t feel like doing it, why do I allow myself to use this excuse for other aspects of my responsibilities?  
  3. In the beginning of the month, I heard about this awesome burpee challenge over on Road Runner Girl blog.   I thought it was a fun challenge and I am always looking for new things to try.  I am not big fan of the burpee (Insanity calls them suicide jumps), but I thought like my planks, if I started to do them every day, I would get better at them and somehow start to love something that I previously hated.   I only made it about four days in before I abandoned the challenge.  It just proved to be too much.  I was already doing an hour of Insanity, a one mile walk or run, and at least a five minute plank.  Adding just a couple of more minutes to my already busy work-out schedule at the end of my work day, was more than I could handle mentally.  I had to let it go.
  4. Running really took a back seat to Insanity this month.  I was lucky to run once a week.  While I wasn't exactly slacking off, those Insanity workouts are killer, I need to get back into a regular running routine.  I really miss it.
The great thing about a new year, a new month, a new week or even a new day is that each provides a fresh opportunity to start over.

September Goals:
  1. I have been talking about doing a Plank Vlog for a few weeks now.  Video blogs are way out of my comfort zone.  I am terrible in front of a camera.  I can definitely write better than I can talk.  We have an amazing friend who is a professional videographer/photographer who graciously offered to donate his time and expertise to help me film and edit.  This is an opportunity that I can’t pass up.   This is a great chance to continue to grow and develop my blog to a new level.  Look for my first ever Vlog coming in September.
  2. When we return from Pittsburgh, I am going to repeat the Insanity program for round #2.   This time, I am fully committed to more running along with Insanity.  Now that my body is getting more acclimated to the program, I think I can add some morning runs into my routine without too much stress on my body.  I want to get back to at least 3 runs a week and one of those a long run.
  3. I am committing to just 30 minutes a night to reading and studying for my personal training certification three times a week.  This is a downgrade from the one hour five days a week that I have previously committed to and failed.  A little something is better than a lot of nothing.
  4. I will be running the Fort Worth Color Me Rad 5K on September 9th to continue my one race a month in 2012 streak.  I hope since it is only a 5K that I will be able to achieve a new PR this race, although it is not a timed race and I'm not sure I want to risk wearing my expensive GPS watch in the color blasts.  Any advice from experienced color runners?
  5. In September, I pledge to do better with my responsibilities in my husband’s business.
  6. I will build a media kit for my blog with the help of another friend and graphic designer.    
  7. I will cut back a little on social media.  I am not going to go as far as taking a Facebook fast as I have done in the past, but I am going to be mindful of internet surfing.  I use social media to promote this blog, so all time on social media is not wasted time.  I just need to learn to draw the line between productive internet/social media work and mindless net surfing when I could be doing something more productive, like studying!

What are your goals for September? 

Keep Running,


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  1. Great accomplishments in August, well done.
    I hear you one social media for purpose vs mindless surfing ... I can loose hours in an evening pootling around blogs and web sites looking at stuff - I need to cut that down too.


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