Friday, September 14, 2012


This week-end I will be on vacation in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA for my baby brothers wedding.  Yes, Pittsburgh is beautiful. Did you know Pittsburgh ranked the #1 most liveable city in the U.S.? While I am away, I may slow down on my blog posts, so I wanted to take this time to share my personal favorite fitness blogs with you.  These are four fitness blogs that you don't want to miss. 

Nerd Fitness - I don't know why I connect so much to this blog.  After all, I am not really a nerd.  My friends may protest that statement, but what I mean is, I am kind of a nerd, but in my own way.  I don't play video games, watch Star Trek, or play Dungeons and Dragons, as some of the themes of this blog may suggest its readers do.  The writer of this blog, Steve Kamb, is so dang inspiring that none of that matters.  I often finish reading each blog post with an overall feeling of true excitement and renewed inspiration. This blog gets me thinking about how I can make my life better, not just my fitness routine. This blog inspires us to live life to its fullest and step outside our comfort zones, nerd or not.  Just like you don't have to be a dummy to read (and hopefully enjoy) Running for Dummies, Nerd Fitness is not just for nerds.  I highly recommend that you subscribe to this one.

Go Kaleo - Tired of the BS about health and fitness around the internet?  Tired of the mixed messages? Tired of looking at airbrushed pictures of fitness models on Pinterest and feeling bad that you don't stack up to an unrealistic fantasy?  Amber is a straight shooter.  She tells it like it is.  Her general message (in my own words) is that we aren't fitness models, we are real women with jobs, family's, and other responsibilities outside of the gym. We should workout to strive to be strong and healthy so that we can live a better life, not to strive to meet some unrealistic fantasy of a fitness model body.  She teaches that we need to eat, and eat a lot, and fruit doesn't make us fat!  She teaches such an important message about critical thinking that so many women need to hear and remember (especially me).  Subscribe to this blog so you don't miss a single post. Your self esteem will thank you.

Tri-ing to be athletic Feel like laughing your @ss off?  I rarely can get through a post without tears rolling down my cheeks.  Follow along as Julie blogs (and draws) about her training for a triathlon.  Unless you are a fun-hater, you will love this blog.  Go ahead and subscribe.

Jogging Jeans - This blog is pure fun.  Did you know that there are people out there that actually jog in jeans?  No, really.  Lots of people, apparently.  This blog has all the proof you could need.  People send in pictures from races, from the street, and from the gym, and our friend Jill publishes them to her blog so we can all laugh at them together.  If you ever struggled with the age old question whether or not you are a "real" runner, this blog will help you with that.  Do you run in workout clothes? Yes? You are already heads and shoulders above those weirdos people jogging in jeans.  Subscribe to this blog today so you can feel better about yourself.

Check out these great fitness blogs and let me know what you think. 

Keep Running,


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  1. Love Tri-ing to be athletic! Will have to check out the other ones:)

  2. Thank you so much Lea! And hiker mom! Y'all are making me blush! (And read aloud to my non-plussed husband :P)

    Running in jeans?? I must go see. And I need to learn how to eat properly so I definitely have to check out Kaleo. And Nerd Fitness, well that just sounds like all kinds of awesome. I mean, who doesn't want to be inspired?

  3. Nice post. I enjoyed reading these fitness blogs. Thanks for sharing.

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