Saturday, August 25, 2012


I didn't intend to do a review of the Handful Bra.  As a matter of fact, I had never heard of the Handful Bra until I won one in Livin The Fit Life's virtual 5K!  When found out that I won I was so excited, I never win anything! They shipped me a purple sport bra, one of the first of the new adjustable strap models.  I have to be honest and tell you that sports bras are not usually on the top of my money-spending priorities.  After all,  I don't need a lot of support in this area, so I always figured almost anything will do.  I have been known to run with just the built in bra's that are sewn into my tank tops.  I usually buy a stretchy 3 pack of sport bras from Wal-Mart for $15 that I thought were serving me just fine.  It is not like I am one of those runners that shows up on race day just wearing a sports bra. 

I had no idea what I was missing.  When the Handful Bra arrived in the mail I slipped it on right away and immediately noticed a difference in overall comfort.  First of all the straps are soft, almost felt like satin against my skin.  It made me realize that the thick elastic straps on my cheapo Wal-Mart sport bras were too tight.  The fit of the Handful Bra was comfortable and supportive, but not at all restrictive.  I ordered a size small and the fit was wonderful.   My usual sports bra sometimes squeezes out that lovely armpit fat.  I look at pictures of myself in my workout clothes and cringe at those little pockets of fat.  This problem area disappeared with the Handful Bra, everything remained covered, supported and nothing squeezed out of the sides.  All this time, I was just wearing the wrong bra.  Who knew?  I'll keep doing those push-ups anyway.

Another feature that I love on the Handful Bra is that it is lightly padded.  I'm not saying I want to look  boobalicious when I am working out, it is just nice to have a little added natural looking feminine shape.  My old bras just flattened everything into one unattractive uni-boob.  This bra separates and flatters.  If you are one of those blessed individuals who doesn't need any help in this area, the pads are easily removable.

I loved it so much that I wore it during the whole next day under my street clothes long before I was ready to do my workout.  This bra can definitely also be worn as an everyday bra.  It is comfortable, supportive and stylish.  As much as I was loving it, the true test of a sports bra is it how well it holds up under an intense workout. As many of you know, I just completed week 7 of the Insanity workouts.  I am happy to report that while Shaun T was kicking my butt, the Handful Bra took care of my boobs.  It stayed secure and kept the moisture away from my skin, despite the fact I was sweating like a dripping faucet.  I didn't have think about it once, no tugging, no adjusting.

Working out in my Handful Sports Bra

Who knows? After discovering this great sports bra, maybe I will turn into one of those runners who show up at races just wearing a sports bra.  Thank you Handful for saving me from armpit fat forever!

Keep Running,


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  1. that looks like a great bra! i havent heard of those before either! thanks for sharing!! :o)

  2. Good find! Haven't heard of it before, but I'll be on the lookout now! Thanks for sharing

  3. Nice review. Handful is the only bra I ever wear anymore... both as a sports bra and as an every day bra... I am so looking forward to trying the new adjustable starp model and the new tanks too.

  4. Thanks for this great review! I keep hearing about them and have visited their site almost daily waiting for the new stock to arrive. I'm looking for a sports bra that I can wear under everything. I want to say goodbye to underwires forever!

  5. Love this:) so glad you like it!

  6. I've heard of these bras but I am one of those blessed women and didn't think they would work for me. I have to have major support for my girls lol! I LOVE the no armpit fat for sure!!!!

  7. I've heard about this bra quite a few times now--nothing but good reviews!

  8. Thanks for the feedback! I've never heard of Handful Sports Bra so this info is helpful! I'm loving the second exercise you did on the mat with the lunge reach. This is great for flexibility and range of motion. I will add in the reach with my clients!

    1. awesome! This move is one of the stretches in the Insanity workouts! I love it!

  9. I took a chance on this and I am glad I did. It fits perfect and does not roll as some do. I highly recommend bali shapewear bra.

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