Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Week five of Insanity is the recovery week.  I was looking forward to a break in intensity while still continuing the program.  What I didn't expect is that after two days of the same easier work-out, I was bored to death.  Core Cardio & Balance is a whole new work-out that is somewhat slower in pace, intended to give your body the recovery it needs before moving on to the more intense month two.  The exercises are similar to the first month, there is just a lot more resting between exercises.  I was bored.  What is wrong with me? Is Insanity making me Insane? Shouldn't I be loving this break?

The work-out itself is more like a regular non-insanity work-out, maybe similar to what I've done at a boot camp.  I still got my heart-rate up,  but I don't believe I cursed Shaun T's name even one time.  OK, maybe once.   I couldn't wait to get through this easy week and get back to the real Insanity, although I knew in the back of my head that I would probably be begging for the easy week back once the craziness of month two started.  I've been reading blog recaps of month two and they are scaring me.

On the last day of the recovery week, I ran 10 miles.  I hadn't been out for a good run in almost a week and I was itching to get out there.  When I picked up my Nike + GPS watch it said on the screen, "Are we running today?"  I really don't appreciate the judgmental tone.  You're a watch.  You don't know me.  I've been working out hard!  I don't need to explain myself to a watch. Am I a bit defensive?  Maybe.  I miss running.

I hadn't planned on doing a long run that day but it was a rare cool Texas morning with low humidity.  I felt good, so I just kept running beyond the six miles I had planned for that morning.  It has been a month since I have ran a true long run (more than an hour) so I started to feel fatigued by the end, but overall it felt really good to get out there.  After the ten miles I still had to do my Insanity work-out that day, which felt fine at the time, but by the end of the day my body was really tired. Do you know what GPS watch said to me after that long run? "Way to get out there." Who programs these things? It felt a little snarky.  I just decided I need to give me GPS a name.  Any suggestions? 

At the end of the day, I made the sad realization that I couldn't train for the half marathon that I wanted to run in September, the day after my birthday, and continue the Insanity program.  It was one thing to run 10 miles and do the recovery work-out, but it would be too much to run 13 miles and do the regular high intensity work-out in the same day.   I had to choose, and since I was already half way through Insanity and I wanted to see it through to completion, I decided to break on half marathon training until after Insanity.  I would still run, but those long runs had to temporarily come to a halt.  After all, Insanity is a 60 day program, running is forever.  I am starting to think that maybe I will start full marathon training at the end of September.  I could run three days a week and pepper in some insanity work-outs or weights and yoga the other three.  What race should I run?  The Dallas Marathon (formally White Rock Marathon) or head out to Huntington Beach for another Surf City?

I was happy to end the boring Insanity recovery week even though I was scared to death of what was to come in the second month of Insanity.  Please stay tuned to find out.

Keep Running,

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  1. hahaahah love this blog post and what you have to say about your watch. it just made me lol! haha.

  2. Love the backtalking from the watch, that is just awesome! As for the marathons how many (if any) times have you done them? Which one appeals to you more?

    1. Hi Niquole! I've never done a full, but have done 6 or 7 half's. I think it might be time! :)

  3. Definitely time for a full! Best of luck!

  4. I love that your GPS watch has attitude. Awesome! LOL

  5. Wow..I read posts like this and am both scared and inspired.. I have never been a fitness buff and am now a recovering couch potato. I don't know if I'll ever be kick-arse in shape but I'm slowly getting used to the idea that I could do a marathon or be a competitive runner (even if that only means competitive against myself.) I've been running seriously for two months and am going to start strength training... I scare myself.

    Maybe GPS could be called "Snarky?" haha

  6. it's not too late to join FWRCO's training group! The training for Cowtown starts end of September/first of October. info meetings at end of September (check Cowtown marathon's website).

  7. I've tried insanity before and it definitely is fun! I have heard before though that the recovery week gets monotonous! You'll be back to the intensity in no time though :)

  8. I came across this post as I had the same concern about the Insanity Rest Week. I am 3 days away from the rest week and I was concerned that not pushing myself everyday would cause a relapse in my progress. Anyone have any good supplemental workouts to do while doing the Insanity Rest Week?

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