Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Wrap Up & July Goals

June was a pretty good month overall.  Work was tough and frustrating at times, but I am learning not to let outside influences affect my inner peace.  I am happy inside and nothing can change that.  I am thankful that I have a job and they continue to allow me show up there, and in return, pay me money. The list of things I am grateful for is so long that I couldn't even begin to list them here.

June Wrap Up:

The very first day of June was my last day of vacation in California.  I had a nice girl vacation (hubby stayed home) and managed not to sway too far off my health and fitness goals, while still indulging and enjoying myself.  This is quite an accomplishment for me, because it has taken many many years, but I am finally learning balance.  It doesn't have to be all or nothing.

Me holding my Jack White concert ticket in California = one happy girl

In June I had my first ever blog contest, which was really fun learning experience for me.  The random drawing winner turned out to be someone right here in Fort Worth.  It is a small world we live in.  I always assume that other than my friends, my blog reach is to people in far away places.  It was nice to know I have some local readers as well. I'm always encouraged and excited about the support I get for my blog.  Thank you so much, it means the world to me.

You may already know that one of my 2012 goals is to run at least one race a month in 2012 and I ran my June race with Fort Worth Runners Club.  I felt a bit like I was wimping out because I choose a four mile race, rather than a 10K, because I was worried about the heat of June.   I finished with my fastest race pace ever and third in my age group, old ladies Females 35-39.   It felt great to break a personal record.  I was glad I chose that four mile race after all.  I also ran two virtual races with Running Loving Living, which was fun and I learned something new about running 5K's.  A good experience all around.   Hmmm,  I wonder if Running For Dummies should host a virtual race someday.

In June I started a Yoga 30 day challenge.  I committed to at least 5 days a week of Yoga-inspired training, ala Jillian Michaels.  Blog post coming soon on my experience.  I enjoyed it, but realized during the 30 days, that running, weight lifting and Yoga was all too much, something had to give.  I had to scale back my weights during June to make time for the Yoga, but ultimately my weight training is my priority now.   I will continue to do Yoga, but probably just a couple of days a week on non-weight training days.

With the wrap up of June, I have officially completed 6 months of running or walking at least one mile a day in the running streak of 2012.  Whether it be a walk on my rest day, a one mile sprint, or my regular daily runs, I have managed to strap on my running shoes and squeeze in at least one mile a day for six solid months.  It feels good to have developed such a healthy habit and maintain it for six months.  I have every intention of completing this challenge for 2012 and probably beyond.

July 2012 Goals Recap:  

OK people, it is a new month, time to reassess your goals, refocus, and get moving towards your dreams, whether they are health & fitness related, career, family, academic, spiritual or whatever! It is time to get after it!  Here are my new-month-resolutions for July:

I must commit more time to studying for my personal training certification.  I have been studying here and there, but not making the time & energy commitment that I need to in order to learn the material in a way that will enable me to pass the test.  It is time to stop messing around on Pinterest, in front of the TV and on my Kindle and get serious.  Once and for all.   I mean it this time.  Anyone have any study tips for me?  This stuff is hard.

I am committing to four days a week to the gym at 5am to do my weight workouts.  In June, I wasn't getting up as consistently as I planned, I think adding the Yoga in at night threw off my whole game.  I was still getting in my daily work-outs, but weight training took a back seat to Yoga. Re-focus and commit for the next four weeks, four days a week, 5am.  I wrote a blog about how to get up early to work out and this past month, I really needed to take my own advice.

Continue with my plank a day (#plankaday on Twitter).  I almost can't believe that I am up to a minimum of three minutes, with four minutes as my average, and  five minutes (and thirteen seconds) as my record.  When I started this plank a day thing, I could barely hold a minute.  In just a couple of months, my core strength built up quickly and I am finally seeing the six-pack ab thing.  The definition is mostly above the belly button, but it is definitely there.

I am starting a Paleo 30 day challenge for July.  It will be hard to give up peanut butter, edamame, corn on the cob, and hummus, but it will be only for 30 days.  To be clear, I am not trying to lose any weight. I just want to see if I see or feel any difference at all.  I already eat very healthy, mostly Paleo anyway, except above mentioned foods and 100% whole wheat bread on the week-ends.  I suspect that I will not feel differently giving up these healthy foods, but I am curious enough to give it a shot for 30 days.   Any suggestions from any Paleo eaters out there?  I understand it makes a huge difference when you go from eating unhealthy to Paleo, but I wonder how much change I will see when I already eat clean and just tighten up to the Paleo lifestyle?  I'll try it out and report back to you. My only stipulation is that I will still allow myself an indulgence meal (or two) each week that doesn't follow any rules.  I need to stay sane after all.  Also, I am not sure if protein powder is technically Paleo (probably not), but that is a deal breaker for me.  I will continue to drink my all natural protein shakes daily.  Paleo eaters, please chime in.

Since I only ran a four mile race in June, I decided to step it up for my July race and registered for a 15K (9.32 miles) in Dallas called "Too Hot Too Handle."  I am a little worried about the heat, but I have been training by running at least 10 miles during the same time of day as the race, so I think I will be able to "handle" it.  I hope.  Wish me luck.  After my July race, I will have officially ran one race a month since August 2011.  I am putting together a recap in pictures of all my races in the last year.  Post coming soon.

How did June go for you? What are your goals for July?  Please share in the comments, I'd love to hear about them.

Keep Running,

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