Thursday, December 8, 2011

Runner's New Years Resolutions:

What? Too Soon? OK, Let's call it New December Resolutions and we can talk again next month.

Why should you start your new year’s resolution in December? Junk food, that’s why. December is probably the fattest month of the year. We have the very real potential for gaining 7-10 pounds if we eat with reckless abandon and slow (or stop) our workouts. It is tempting to let yourself off the hook in December with the thought of “starting over” January 1st. But why ‘start over’ 7-10 pounds heavier than you are today? Why not start now? Imagine getting a head start on new year’s resolutions! Imagine if you resist the influx of daily bake goods at work this month, the fattening desserts at dinner parties and the temptation of too much alcohol at holiday parties? I’m not suggesting that you don’t enjoy the holiday food, only that you do it sensibly, in moderation, with your health goals in mind. Then when January arrives, you are already 4 weeks ahead of the rest of the world.

I joined a runner’s boot camp to help get my butt in gear. Even a running dummy like me knows it is important for strength training in my running workout. Yes, it's December. I love winter boot camp because it is cold outside and there are only two types of people who choose to workout outdoors in the freezing cold: There are the crazy people (like me) and the really hard-core fitness-minded people (like everyone else in camp). It is a small focused group. It is very motivating to work out with such dedicated, positive, committed people. I do boot camp because I know how important strength training is to a runner and I never can seem to squeeze in those weight training workouts on my own. Runner’s Boot Camp offers a fun motivating environment, three times a week, that pushes me a little farther than I would ever push myself. Without further ado, My New December health related resolutions:

· Attend boot camp 3 times a week for consistent strength training.
· Run at least 15-20 miles per week to maintain + long runs to continue to train for the Huntington beach Half marathon in February.
· Make healthy food choices throughout the holidays, but allow a planned “cheat” portion controlled meal once a week if I have cravings.
· Sign up for several races in the first half of the year to stay motivated.
· Give up Diet Coke once and for all.
· Reevaluate my workouts and goals mid January to make further adjustments if necessary.

There you have it. If I can do it, so can you! What do you say?

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Pinterest:

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