Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lonely Blog

Welcome to my new blog where I write about running and exercise. Don’t get the wrong idea. Running is not just for dummies, really smart people like me run too. :)

I launched my new blog last month and I failed to really tell anyone about it. I like the word launch. It makes it sound like a big deal. Just so you know, my blog IS a big deal. Except, I dont have any followers.

I realized today that my lonely blog has no followers. I’m not telling you this so that you feel bad for me and follow my blog out of pity. Well, maybe I am, but that is besides the point. It hasn’t always been this way. I have this blog that at one point was generally focused on music and my perfectly normal healthy obsession with a rock star and his bands (Yes, I’m 37). It is appropriately titled, Fell in Love with a Band. But then I started utilizing that outlet to write about the other topics and the topic of running started to trend heavy on my so-called music blog. My blog had some followers. Some of those followers were not even blood relations or BFF-obliged followers. Then I read an article on how to have a successful blog and I read that your blog topics should be very focused. HA! My blog was about as random as they come. One day about Jack, one day about a marathon I ran and then the next a poem about a friend’s dead cat. Yeah, that last one is real. Not that a ‘successful blog’, whatever that means, is my goal. I have no dreams about turning into one of those stay at home moms or 16 year high school kids you see on the news that become millionaires because of their blogs. I really don’t even understand the mechanics of how that happens. Plus, I have no desire to be a stay-at-home mom (emphasis on mom) or a 16 year old kid. I write a blog (or two). I do this for myself, mostly. I like to write. Sure, it is nice when people read what I write, then tell me how awesome I am. I love that.

I just came to the realization that people who read my blog because they liked to read what I had to say about Third Man Records probably didn’t give a crap that I ran the Fort Worth Turkey Trot at a 8:56 pace (yeah, I’m still bragging about that). On the flip side, some of the people who were interested in my running blogs probably don’t even know who Jack White is (gasp! Shocking, I know). And if you are out there and you happen to love Jack and running, I must tell you, you are pretty cool.

So, Running for Dummies was born. I moved all my running related posts from the Fell in Love with a Band Blog and moved them over to the new site. When I moved over the content, all of my (thousands may be a slight exaggeration) followers were left behind at the old site. If you are blood relative or a BFF it is your moral and social responsibility to follow all my blogs. This goes without saying, now get to work. If you are my Facebook friend or Twitter follower or know me on Daily Mile and you have at least a passing interest in me, running or rock music then you should follow the appropriate blog. On the other hand if you happen to be a psycho creeper, I just gave you enough internet ammunition for stalking well into the future.

Just click the Follow with Google Friend Connect button in the right sidebar or type your email in FOLLOW BY E-MAIL. It is THAT easy to follow Running for Dummies.

Did I imply that this blog post wasn’t all about begging for followers? I might have lied.

Up next: My favorite Running Play Lists. Stay tuned.

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