Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dec 17th - Half Marathon - Winter Race Series

I wasn't training for my long runs like I should, so I was worried about this race. I still knew I would rather run it a little unprepared than not run it at all. If the truth be told I had more pressing concerns about this race. I hadn't "gone" in 24 hours and was worried that the time would come, out there on the course. What? Too much information? There is nothing wrong with a little bowel movement talk between friends and runners. The worry of it kept me up most of the night before. It is my only remaining race anxiety. However, thankfully, My fears were unfounded. A successful run for me is characterized by the fact that I didn't poop my pants before finishing 13.1 miles. Little details like pace, time, and finishing rank are tied for a distant second on my success-meter.

I had only run 10.5 miles the week-end before and hadn't ran a full 13.1 since my last half marathon in October. I felt completely unprepared. I started off slow, just focusing on staying within a 10 minute mile. However, as usual, something happens to my brain on the course and I get competitive. I just can't slow down. After the 6th mile I realized I had energy to spare and started to push it. I worked to stay within a 9 minute mile range for the last 7 miles and my trusty Garmin kept me on track.

In the end, despite my lack of training, I was glad that I pushed my pace slightly less than comfortable to make a decent time. I finished in 2 hours 13 minutes, which was 2 minutes slower than my last half marathon. Not too bad considering my training and diet has been waning. You can't expect to PR every race.

Next month: 15 mile race on January 14th. Bring it.

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