Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear Me in 2012

Dear Me,

I think you are perfect the way you are (flaws and all). I don't really believe in new year resolutions. I believe in setting realistic, measurable goals. Every day is a new day and you can make positive changes in your life at any moment. You don't have to wait for a new year.

However, I am writing you (me) this letter to remind you of a few important idea's you will need to remember in 2012 as you navigate through your (our) heath and fitness goals. These are not earth shattering revelations, but since I know you so well, I know you will sometimes need a swift kick in the ass a reminder. I hope this blog will serve as your motivation board for 2012.

1. 99% of the time running for an hour at 5am feels better than sleeping in an extra hour. You have never completed a morning run and then thought, "Man, I truly wish I would have slept in." Never.

2. "I dont feel like it" is never an acceptable excuse. There are many times you don't feel like going to work or paying your bills, but you do what you have to do. Don't treat exercise like it is a choice. You know you always feel better afterwards. Always.

3. Speaking of excuses:
This doesn't just apply to exercise. Pursue your dreams. There is no time like the present.

4. Strength training is extremely important. I know you fancy yourself a runner and sort of dread those weight training workouts, but keep going to boot camp. Even though it can be butt-kicking hard, you LOVE boot camp! Bottom line, strength training keeps you strong so you can run better, faster and without injury. You don't get a body like hers by just running marathons.

5. Its 80% Diet. Eat healthy whole natural foods most of the time. You know you are happier and feel better when you eat healthy anyway.

6. Diet Coke? What is that? Never heard of it. (Forget you ever had a severe mild Diet Coke addiction).

7. Never taking running for granted. It is a privilege. Don't squander the gift of a healthy body. You even wrote a blog about it once. Take your own advice.

8. Continue to sign up and run in races in 2012! One race a month is your goal! 12 races in 2012. Races keep you on track and you know you will get at least one good long run in a month!

9. Speaking of goals for 2012: Run at least one mile every day in 2012. Most days you will run more than one mile, but the goal is to run at least one mile every single day. You may choose to just walk or jog one mile if it is your rest day, or you may use it to work on your speed and challenge yourself to run one mile faster. It doesn't matter. Just do the mile.

10. Keep doing your push-ups. You are not T-Rex. Your arms are an appropriate length for proper pushups.

Source: via Lea on Pinterest

11. Just kidding about this one (you are not fat), but I know it makes you laugh. Keep laughing and having fun in 2012.

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