Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Boog

Today is my hubby's birthday. Back in the early days of our relationship when I didn't have extra money for birthday gifts, I used to make him a birthday card every year. They were usually funny (if I do say so myself) and cute, full of inside jokes. Those cards slowly went away when we began to have enough money to buy stuff without breaking the bank. The cards were nice and he said he liked them, but ask any husband if he would prefer a handmade card OR a PS3. You see my point. Well, this year on hubbies birthday we are RIGHT smack in the middle of a kitchen remodel that we are trying very hard to pay for NOT using any credit. So, the days of limited available spending cash are upon us again. I decided to write a little poem for my hubby about our relationship and life together. Happy Birthday Boog. I left out the part about the drain last week. :)

Honey & Boogie

Honey and Boogie met in 1998
At the now defunct Orbit Room, they had their first date

It was so long ago that the memories aren’t clear
But there was air hockey, music and of course, a spilt beer

He didn’t know when he met her while shopping for ties,
that day was the first day of the rest of their lives

The first several years flew by so fast
A blur of memories now all in the past

There was the suburban, and Candy and who would of thought,
Holly Hill and valet and the Whole Foods parking lot

It was 7 years later when they heard wedding bells
On the beach in La Jolla, they exchanged their vows

There was the house remodel once, and then over again
The alarm company, Mattie and all their good friends

They built a life together, filled with work and play
More blessings than they can count, in many ways

13 years later they have love and laughter
Living life together, happily ever after


Happy Birthday Boog

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