Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 - a year in review

Things I did in 2008 (In no particular order)

Ran a 5k

Lost 30 pounds
Paid off a fairly large amount of debt
Fell on my face and got a fat lip

Joined a gym
Started a new position at work
Started a new business (well, Russ did. I helped)

Celebrated my 10 year anniversary with Russ

Met Tim Gunn

Met Isaac Mizrahi

Traveled to New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Washington DC
Saw Jack White in person

Bought a fancy new dining room table
Learned Quickbooks
Cried over Art
Discovered scrapblog

Celebrated our three year wedding anniversary
Paid over $4 dollars a gallon for gas
Got chased by a llama

Fell in love with the super-baby Owen

Took a zillion huggie pictures

Went to the Wayward Boys last show

Didn't get into any car accidents!
Went to a dinosaur park

Got out of a ticket with just a warning
Watched too many reality shows
Gave in and joined facebook
Carpooled to work
Celebrated my 34th birthday

Took an Adobe Illustator class and got an A
Dropped an art class
Bought a white fuzzy hat – and wore it in public

Went Bowling

Ran ten miles in one day
Gave a presentation in front of 50+ people

Surprised Russ at Christmas

Bought Monkey shoes

Bought a Coach bag
Saw my family with Russ

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