Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Year In Pictures- 2009

Things I did in 2009 in order the best I can recall....

The first Huggie Picture of 2009


Celebrated 11 years with Russ!!
(no picture for this one)

Celebrated Owen's First Birthday!


Saw Jack White in person


Visited Arizona

Said Good bye to russ' mama

Saw cake in concert


Mikki visited us in Fort Worth


Swam in our new giant swimming pool


Bought a new truck


Opened the Lone Star Wiring & Alarm office


Visited Mikki in California


Saw 'It Might Get Loud' in LA


Celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary in San Diego


Rode on the San Monica Pier ferris wheel



Celebrated my 35th Birthday with the people I love most in Texas


Ran Susan B Komen Race for the cure


Made Thanksgiving dinner


Ran the Fort Worth Turkey Trot with Jessica


Discovered the TMR Vault


Visited Pittsburgh


Said goodbye to a dear friend


celebrated Christmas with my boog


Thank you to my wonderful husband and all my friends and family who made 2009 a great year! Love you all!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Salesman's Prayer

The Salesman's Prayer by Lea Genders

There are people starving, homeless, sick and cripple

So to compare, my prayer may seem quite simple

My request is for the orders that I need the buyer to send

God grant me EDI before the fiscal year end!

I won't pray for riches, for beauty or love

Just grant me these missing orders by your grace above

Hell will break loose if don't get these orders

To keep peace on earth, let us make our quarter!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Wedding Pictures in Scrapblog

2008 - a year in review

Things I did in 2008 (In no particular order)

Ran a 5k

Lost 30 pounds
Paid off a fairly large amount of debt
Fell on my face and got a fat lip

Joined a gym
Started a new position at work
Started a new business (well, Russ did. I helped)

Celebrated my 10 year anniversary with Russ

Met Tim Gunn

Met Isaac Mizrahi

Traveled to New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Washington DC
Saw Jack White in person

Bought a fancy new dining room table
Learned Quickbooks
Cried over Art
Discovered scrapblog

Celebrated our three year wedding anniversary
Paid over $4 dollars a gallon for gas
Got chased by a llama

Fell in love with the super-baby Owen

Took a zillion huggie pictures

Went to the Wayward Boys last show

Didn't get into any car accidents!
Went to a dinosaur park

Got out of a ticket with just a warning
Watched too many reality shows
Gave in and joined facebook
Carpooled to work
Celebrated my 34th birthday

Took an Adobe Illustator class and got an A
Dropped an art class
Bought a white fuzzy hat – and wore it in public

Went Bowling

Ran ten miles in one day
Gave a presentation in front of 50+ people

Surprised Russ at Christmas

Bought Monkey shoes

Bought a Coach bag
Saw my family with Russ


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