Friday, November 16, 2018

11-16-11 - 11-16-18

November 16, 2011, was the day I started my journey into fitness blogging with my first ever fitness-centered post. I had this blog since 2008 but didn't get focused on fitness until 2011.

So much has changed since that first post. Blogging changed my life. I have met so many friends, traveled many places, crushed many goals, and have grown as a human.

Blogging opened my eyes to the possibility of professional fitness certifications. At first, I became a personal trainer and running coach to add authority to my writing. I didn't want to be another running blogger, I wanted to be able to help and guide people on their own journey. Then I started taking on clients and discovered my love of working with people one-on-one. (Which was surprising for an introvert like me.)

I started this blog in 2008 (a decade ago!). In 2011 I changed the name to Running for Dummies. In 2013 I realized that was dummy move and changed the name to Running with Ollie. In 2015 I got certified as a personal trainer and running coach and started a new website on

I tried to keep up the two sites for a while. At first, I'd publish one post a week here, then it turned to one post a month.

The truth is that now ten years after its inception, and seven years after my first ever fitness post, I've outgrown this blog.

This blog is my baby but my focus is on growing my fitness and freelance writing business. I do that over on

I love what I started here. I love what it has become. I love what I have become. But Onward and Upward.

I strive to provide free and valuable fitness content to my readers. Please visit me now at these sites. I am here to help!

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