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Tuesday Tails Furry Feature: Running with Nanu

Welcome to the latest edition of Tuesday Tails Furry Feature, my most popular post of the month! Every month I introduce you to the cutest furry-faced, four-legged runners on the internet. This month I have a very special feature. I am thrilled to introduce you to Lyn and Nanu. Lyn is an inspiring woman promoting one of the most positive messages in the industry. She helps people go from Couch to Active. Can you relate?

We are going off our regular format because Lyn agreed to do a guest post today, an honest letter to her puppy. I love it so much because even if you can't run with your dog, like we usually talk about on Furry Feature, it doesn't mean you can't be active. Do the best you can with what you have. It's always good enough. Thanks Lyn for this inspiring message. 

An honest letter to my puppy.

Well hello there my dear little Nanu.

Since we don’t speak the same language, you’ll never know the purpose of your name. But for now, I’m going to write you this letter and pretend you understand every word.

You’ll also never know that I’m guest blogging about you on Lea’s Running with Ollie blog site. You’ll be among many years of dog blogs where there are countless stories of the joys of running and racing as a dog.

You and I however are going to have a much different journey together. I need to tell you little Nanu, I can’t run like the big dogs. Most day’s we will be walking. You don’t know what asthma is but I suppose that’s just going to have to be ok. You always keep life simple. I can respect that.

You’ll never be one of the big dogs.

You’ll never be able to run big miles.

But you are perfect for me.

When you’re old enough, we’ll start taking “real” walks. We will see lots beautiful people running like gazelles with their big trim dogs. I have to share a secret with you Nanu. I am not proud of this, but I am jealous of their ability to burn tons of calories because their body will perform for them. They will smile and nod as they pass us because you’re just so darn cute. Like you, the running gazelles have no idea what I’ve struggled with, or how I would love to be one of them. But then I don’t know their stories either. 

You are simply happy to walk and wag.

I want to be more like you.

We all have stories little Nanu and already, I’m nervous about how your story is developing.

You woke up one morning with one eye red and glued shut by gunk. The vet says you have an uncommon eye issue and he’s not sure of prognosis. Only time will tell if you will go blind young. Man you already have me chasing my tail giving you eye drops five times a day. Still, there you were a wiggly little two pounder making all of us smile with your cat-sized cone of shame.

You are so much simpler than me. You take naps while I am devouring the latest health research on conquering asthma. You chase balls while I am on a quest to optimize the crap out of my life in order to be a little faster, stronger, and better than I was yesterday. I watch you eat the same food every day while I flip between gluten free, vegetarian, green smoothies, Keto, Whole30, Paleo, and then make a full circle back to gluten free.

There you are chasing your tail.

Here I am, chasing mine.

We won’t ever run a big race, and we definitely won’t ever win any sort of medal. But that’s ok. We are grateful for the health we have today and we’re both going to make the most of what we have. I’ll be there for you, and you’ve already been there for me.

About your name. You were named in honor of a man who could make a room instantly erupt into laughter. A man who helped so many forget their own pain despite the fact that he carried his own story.

That’s what you do for me little guy.

It’s possible my dear Nanu, that you are the winner in the race of life?


Your mama Lyn

Seriously, I just wiped a tear. THANK YOU LYN for your inspiring story. Please follow Lyn and Nanu on Coach to Active


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