Sunday, August 27, 2017

Self-Care September

Holy Moly. Where the heck did summer go? This year is flying by. I always love September because it is my birthday month, we finally get a break from the hot Texas summer and fall racing season is upon us. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

In celebration of my birthday, I scheduled something special for each weekend in the month of September to relax and to take care of myself. Self-care is so important. In our crazy lives we'd all do well to take some time on a daily or even a weekly basis for the things that nourish our soul.

On September 2nd I am going in for a Cryo Therapy appointment. We've been working out hard lately and my old-lady joints and muscles can always use a boost in recovery.

September 9th I scheduled a 90 minute massage with my favorite sports massage therapist. He's a miracle worker.

September 16th I scheduled a hair appointment because when you look good, you feel good, right? I swear my hair stylist has super-human abilities. He wrangles my rat's nest mess of a head into smooth and shiny locks.

September 23rd I want to go stand up paddle boarding. I've been wanting to do this for years and I figure my birthday weekend is the perfect opportunity to make hubby take me try something new.

September 30th I'll get a pedicure because these runner's feet need some love too.

One way to practice self-care is to move your body. No, I don't mean join the local CrossFit box for their 5am workout five days a week or start training to run a marathon (unless you feel so inclined). I just mean get your #assoffthecouch and do what feels good. I like this 30 Day September challenge because sometimes the hardest part of all is getting started.

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Of course, self-care doesn't have to be about doing things that cost money. Take a bubble bath, read a book, turn off your cell-phone for a day, go for a hike, play with your dog, chat with a friend, sleep in, write in a journal, even indulge in your favorite show...whatever it is that makes you feel like you.

Will you join me for self-care September? Or the #getoffyourass challenge?

p.s. we have a winner for my Momentum Jewelry #Iamempowered bracelet. Congrats Missy B!

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

My Biggest Takeaway from BlogFest: What I Don't Want + a Giveaway

I've been home from BlogFest and the IDEA World fitness convention for two weeks and I am just now starting to feel like a human again. Does it really take this long to recover from a trip to Vegas? And I didn't even drink alcohol!

I've been struggling to write my recap because the biggest realization that came out of it was what I don't want. That's a good and positive thing. It helps me focus on what is important and gives me direction for the future. I knew it all along, it just hit me hard that I may have been pursuing the wrong things.

Don't misunderstand. BlogFest was amazing and inspiring as always. I've said it before but it bears repeating now: BlogFest is all about the people for me. And I am not even that much of a people person. I mean I have my small circle of people, but I don't go running around looking for new friends or anything (that would be exhausting).

When I called my mom a few days before I was leaving for Las Vegas to tell her about my trip, she said, "That doesn't sound like something you would enjoy at all."

My mom knows me so well. People, crowds, strangers, social stuff with people, crowds and strangers are all not my jam. But what she didn't understand is that these are my people. When I go to BlogFest I sit in a room of a couple hundred ladies (and maybe a guy or two) who are just like me. They get me because they are me. They are bloggers, they are runners, they are fitness instructors and running coaches. They love to write. They love Instagram. They love dogs and social media and they are hustling to make this blogging thing work. My people.

BlogFest babes

It may have been my third BlogFest but it was the second annual Charlie's angels pose at BlogFest with my roomies Train with Bain and Mat Miles Medals.

Often times the people that I know in real life (IRL as the kids say) don't get what I'm trying to do here. It's not to say that most people are not supportive and encouraging, but they have vastly different dreams and goals. It is so refreshing to spend time with people who are on the same path.

And when someone scoffs at something I do, I remind myself that when people don't get what I am doing it only reinforces that I am on the right path. Do what others do, get what others get. Or like Dave Ramsey says, "If you will do the things others won't do then some day you will have the life others won't have." or  “If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.” He is referring to money matters of course, but it applies to anything that requires self-discipline: finances, nutrition, exercise and building a business.

But this isn't about Dave Ramsey, it's about BlogFest, the inspiring people, speakers and experiences and about my revelation about what I don't want.


Todd Durkin was the keynote speaker at BlogFest. He is a gym owner, trainer, coach and motivational speaker from California who trains professional athletes along with the everyday people in his community. He won the IDEA Inspiration Award this year. I loved his personal story of overcoming obstacles to achieve success. He spoke a lot about what it takes to be successful and how to get there. Namely: hard work, persistence and help & guidance from others. Todd talked about his book, the WOW book, and his 52 ways to motivate your mind, inspire your soul and create WOW in your life. He was kind enough to give a copy to everyone at BlogFest!

Click on the book to purchase, it's an affiliate link, which means if you choose to make a purchase, I make a small percentage of the sale with no additional cost to you. No one is getting rich here, it just helps with the running (pun intended) of this blog. 

That's when my brain first started churning. Todd Durkin planted the seed when he said:

"Do more of what you love to do and what makes your soul sing. What are the five things that most make your soul sing?"

When I started to think about all the things I do I started to realize that perhaps I may have been spending too much time on things that I thought I should be doing and not enough time on the things that I really enjoy. I am a writer. I love to write and blog. When I write I get lost in that "flow state" where time evaporates and I forget to eat and go to the bathroom. You know that feeling? It's not that I ever stopped writing or spending time on it, it is just not where I was focused for my largest income stream.

In fact, the reason I pursued getting my personal training certification in the first place was to elevate my blog and give some authority behind the fitness articles I write. After I was certified as a trainer, running coach and nutrition coach, my focus started to shift away from what I truly love and was split in all these different directions.

I like to teach bootcamp, I like coaching and I am not saying I don't want to do those things at all, just not as my primary sources of income. Writing should be my main focus and these other things secondary. As soon as I got home from BlogFest, I raised my prices on my site for my personal training services. I realize now it is not something I want to do full-time, but the time I do spend on it needs to be focused. I provide incredible personalized value to my clients and my pricing should reflect that.

5 Things That Make My Soul Sing:

1. Writing fitness articles
2. Blogging
3. Running and coaching
4. Designing training plans
5. Working out and personal training

Thanks to Todd Durkin for providing me the focus I need to move in the right direction going forward. It is clear. My focus needs to be on freelance writing and earning income blogging. More of what I love.


After two amazing days networking and connecting with the BlogFest ladies while learning, eating and sweating it out, it was time for the IDEA World sessions. IDEA World is the largest fitness convention and I was excited for the opportunity to learn and earn continuing education credits for my fitness certifications.

One of the sessions I attended was called 'Get in the Game! Tips & Tricks for Coaching Small Groups.' It was a panel of experts from the large gym chains talking about coaching small groups. It ended up being more about managing small group training from a gym owner's perspective than managing the actual group from a trainer's point of view. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be, but it was eye opening. I loved hearing from these executives at major chains. It reminded what I don't want to do: teach fitness classes in a corporate gym. I learned a lot. I thought about what Todd Durkin said and I was more focused on my own path than ever.

Just keep peddling...


Ideas and inspiration about contract work, freelancing and small business ownership poured out all around. Isn't it funny how when you focus on something it begins to pour out even from the places you didn't expect or thought you already uncovered?

Then all of a sudden it was 11PM on a Saturday night and I was eating pizza at a casino with my roomies. I had a 3:30 am airport shuttle pick up appointment looming in the too-near future and all the fun, learning, sweating and strategizing was coming to an end, but my new focused path was just beginning...

Before I go I wanted to say a big thank you to Alyse and Jamie and the all the Sweat Pink ladies who put in the hard work to make the conference possible. See you next year in San Diego!
Me and Enjoying the Course in the Sweat Pink booth at IDEA World. Overboard on the props? Nah.


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