Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Run With Me! Celebrate Global Running Day!

It's Global Running Day! Finally, a made-up holiday I can get behind. On Global Running Day runners from around the globe pledge to run at least one mile to celebrate. Will you run with me?


What's Your Inspiration?

Why do you run? I run to stay healthy, to stay fit, to stay sane. There's something about a run around the neighborhood that unwinds my tangled thoughts. It's moving meditation. If I go too long without running, it reflects in my mental well-being. When I run, I think clearer, I handle stress better, I am happier. What's not to love about that? Not Running Sucks.

Pledge to Run

Visit to pledge to run.

Download Your Personalized Bib

Events Near You

I am hitting the streets today with hubs to celebrate, but there a lot of organized events in cities all over the globe if you want to celebrate with other runners. Check out to search for events near you.

Charity Miles

You are running the miles anyway, why not run them for Charity. Download the Charity Miles app to run your miles for charity. It is an easy way to give back by running.

Be Social

Use the hashtag #globalrunningday to share your run today. Search the hashtag on Twitter or Instagram to find and support other runners who are celebrating.

Global Running Day is Ollie's favorite holiday even if he's pissed I made him pose for this photo.

Are you running the Runner's World Summer Run Streak? Check out my post over on Lea Genders Fitness on how to safe and sane while running one mile every day from Memorial Day until Fourth of July.

The winner has been announced on the Premier Protein powder giveaway!

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