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Music to My Ears: 10 Epic Running Songs about Running

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Music is a big part of my life. It calms me, it cheers me, it inspires me, it entertains me and it especially motivates me when I am running.

There is nothing like an upbeat rock 'n' roll running playlist to get me across a 5K finish line a little faster. I often get lost in the music on my long runs and a hard-hitting playlist motivates me when I am lifting weights in the #shredshed.

Maybe it's the two hours on the road but when I race a half marathon, I often listen to song lyrics and notice that there are a lot of songs on my playlist about running. I know that not all these songs are intended to be about running, but music is highly personal so I change the context and use them for my purpose...finishing a half marathon!

10 Epic Running Songs about Running To Get You Through Your Next Race

For the Beginning of a Race:

Cake: The Distance. “He’s going the distance. He’s going for speed. She’s all alone. In her time of need. Because he’s racing and pacing and plotting the course. He’s fighting and biting and riding on his horse, He’s going the distance.”

Foster the People: Pumped up Kicks “All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, You better run, better run." 

Florence + the Machine: Dog Days Are Over “So you better run. Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father. Run for your children, your sisters and brothers.”

For the Middle of a Race:

The Kills: U.R.A. Fever “You are a fever, You are a fever, You ain't born typical…..Left right, left right, keep it up son” 

The Dead Weather: Jawbreaker "I run so far away from you. Don't matter where I've been. Run around the world from you. And here you are again."

Meices: Ready Steady Go "Ready steady, go. Ready steady, ready steady, ready steady, ready steady
Ready steady, ready steady, ready steady, go."

Raconteurs: Steady as She Goes "Steady as she goes (steady as she goes). Steady as she goes (steady as she goes).

For the End of a Race:

Young the Giant: My Body. “My Body tells me no, but I won’t quit cause I want more, cause I want more." 

White Stripes: Stop Breaking Down "Everytime I'm walkin', down the streets, some pretty mama she starts breakin' down. Stop breakin' down, yes stop breakin' down."

Awolnation: Burn it Down "Burn it down, baby, burn it burn it down." (I change the lyrics in my head to "run it home, baby, run it run it home" and is the perfect uptempo song for a strong finish.)

JLab Audio sent me Epic2 Wireless Sport Earbuds for review. I loaded these 10 epic running songs about running to my playlist on my phone, easily connected the headphones via bluetooth and headed out to the track. You can check out my new speed and strength track workout over on my personal training site

They easily slipped into my ears and locked into place. Once I connected my phone, I simply put my phone away in my running belt. I was immediately impressed with the sound quality. I've used wireless headphones in the past that had fuzz or the signal would occasionally skip, but not on the Epic2 headphones. The sound was crystal clear, better than even most of the wired headphones I have used. I was out at the track for about an hour and I never lost connection or had a weak signal.

They are waterproof, sweat proof and mostly stayed in place as I ran the track, jumped and climbed the stairs. I had to re-adjust a couple times when they felt like they were coming loose. Hubby said I didn't put them in correctly, but I think I just need to play with the eight different ear tip options to find the ones that are the right fit for my ears. They claim an impressive battery life of 12 hours, so they will easily get you through your next marathon.

I liked that I could adjust the volume and skip songs right from the controls near the right ear bud. I didn't spend a lot of time reading instructions, so when I was running and I wanted to skip a song, I just started pushing buttons until I found what I wanted. It was pretty easy to figure out on the run (pun intended).

music to my ears, powering me up those stairs

For the connectivity, sound quality and battery life features I think these headphones are a great deal for the cost. You can probably find less expensive bluetooth headphones, but I doubt they could match the high quality of the Epic2 earbuds. They are easily the best I've ever tried.

I will use these for my track workouts and long runs in the future and I am definitely bringing them with me when I travel to LA for the IDEA World fitness convention next month!

Do you run with wireless headphones? Do you have any running songs to add to my playlist? Do you ever change the lyrics in your head while you run (or am I the only weirdo?).

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