Friday, September 4, 2015

I'm Internet-Famous Today!

Hi, Friends. I am internet famous today! Toni from Running Loving Living reached out to me the other day about a collaboration (exciting things to come!) and offered to feature me on her awesome running blog!

What Toni doesn't know is that back when I was a newbie blogger (way-ol-ye-back in 2011) she was my unwitting blog mentor. You see, I was a brand new blogger in those olden days, and maybe it was my perception at the time, but it didn't seem there were as many running bloggers back then as there are today. I admired Toni for the space she carved out for herself on the web.

So I gravitated towards Toni and her blog for general direction on mine, in a totally non-copying, 'imitation in the sincerest form of flattery' kind of way. Ha.

Me in 2011:
"Toni is hosting a giveaway. Wait. That's a great idea, maybe I should host a giveaway on my blog."
"Oh look, Toni is putting on a virtual race. I could do that!"
"Toni joined something called Fitfluential. What is Fitfluential? Maybe I should join!"

So needless to say, she is probably single handedly responsible for my little blog getting off the ground and she didn't even know it! Thanks Toni!

So I am thrilled after all these years of virtual friendship to work with Toni on a upcoming project (stay tuned). Please click over to Running Loving Living to read about how I started running, how 'Running for Dummies' became 'running with Ollie', my bathroom routine before races (you're welcome) and my new personal training business.

Check out my feature on Running Loving Living

Thanks so much Toni! I hope to meet you in real life (IRL as the kids say) someday.


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