Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dallas Fitness Ambassadors - We've Launched!

I am thrilled to tell you about about a new project that I am working on with Mai Lyn from Deep Fried Fit. But let me start at the beginning...

13 weeks ago I was tired and cranky after a long day at work and was on my way to a fitness blogger event. I really didn't want to go. My couch was calling me. It was one of those things that seemed like a great idea when I was offered an invitation a week earlier. It sounded fun, a Barre class at a new Dallas studio, a fitness apparel trunk show and a networking opportunity with other local bloggers. But now the reality of the situation was sinking in. I was exhausted. It was dark outside and pouring rain. And oh yeah, what was I thinking? I forgot. I'm an introvert. I don't want to network with anyone. Ha ha. Just kidding. (Sort of.)

I pressed forward to the event because I knew that once I got there I would have fun and would be glad that I went (kind of like when I don't feel like working out). Turns out this event would be the place where I would meet fellow fitness blogger Mai Lyn for the first time in person and our friendship and partnership would spark. Oh how glad I am that I didn't succumb to the pull of the couch that night.

After the event Mai Lyn reached out to me to meet again over coffee...or was it wine? This is where we first discussed the idea of the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors. We talked a lot about blogger networks and how effective community can be for building our blogs. We are both members of FitFluential and SweatPink fitness ambassadors and I credit these types of networks with helping me grow my fitness circles and blog audience.

We are both also members of several local blogging networks that aren't fitness specific. We talked about sometimes feeling like outsiders amongst the beauty, fashion, mommy and lifestyle bloggers. Of course, we could connect with these amazing bloggers on some level, but our passions lie elsewhere. We realized the Dallas area was missing something...a local health and fitness blogger network. 

The beauty of a local network is the opportunity for in-person events. In my four years of blogging if there is one thing that I have learned it is that you can accomplish so much more as a group than you could ever hope to as an individual. Bloggers have the ability to lift each other up for growth for everyone. Just imagine the influence we would have if we pulled the resources, audiences and creativity of all the best Dallas/Fort Worth area fitness bloggers. We wanted to find these local bloggers because we were sure they must feel the same way.

But Dallas Fitness ambassadors is not just for bloggers.

Dallas Fitness Enthusiasts!

In all of our meetings and discussions about local bloggers we realized DFA could also be great resource for all the local fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, fitness studios and businesses. In addition to our blogger ambassador program, we decided to open up a portion of the site to all local fitness enthusiasts! Local fitness lovers can join our mailing list to stay in the loop on all the latest fitness affairs around Dallas. We'll be sharing all the hottest fitness events and news with our members via the website and our exclusive newsletter. Do you live in Dallas/Fort Worth and love fitness? Sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss a thing.

If you are a Dallas area fitness blogger we would love to invite you to apply to become a Dallas Fitness Ambassador. We know you are out there. Won't you apply to join us? We are looking for local Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding area bloggers who are interested in building community, who want to attend and report on local events and who are interested in working with local Dallas businesses and studios.

If you are a personal trainer, studio, gym or health related business, we'd love to talk to you about sharing your event, advertising opportunities, hosting a DFA blogger event and/or a blogger campaign.

I beg you invite you to check out our site to learn more about our blogger program, our fitness enthusiast program and opportunities to work with us. I appreciate your support!

Twitter: @Dfitambassadors
Instagram: @dallasfitnessambassadors
Facebook: Dallas Fitness Ambassadors

Dallas, are you in? 

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