Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Join me in the 12 Week Lorna Jane Fit Challenge #LJFitChallenge

What do you have going on for the next 12 weeks? Any plans to move, nourish, believe? I do.

I am working with Lorna Jane and Fit Approach for the next 12 weeks with the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge! This is a fun challenge that will keep me moving forward with my new year's resolutions. We haven't forgotten all about those yet, have we?

What is this all about, you ask? It's 12 weeks of motivation, exercises, meal plans and goal setting! The daily workouts are only about 30 minutes long and include two outdoor active living days per month. You don't need any special equipment or even a gym membership, the exercises can be done anywhere at anytime (well, maybe you shouldn't do it in halls at your work or school when you're supposed to be working).

This is exactly the kind of program that I need! Truth be told, my weakness is...well, strength. I'm a runner at heart and strength training is always second fiddle around here. I know how important it is and I try to squeeze it in, but it sometimes falls pretty low on the priority totem pole. No More. Strength training makes me a stronger, faster, less injury-prone runner. What's not to love about that?

Will you join me? 
More information on the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge here.
Sign up for the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge here.
Join the Facebook challenge group here.

Stay tuned for weekly updates on the program, my progress, and my inevitable super-speedy running times which will surely be the result of all this strength training, right?

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