Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Feature: A Running Girl and Her Dog!

Welcome to my new monthly blog series: A running girl and her dog (or could be a guy and his dog). Each month I'll feature a running blogger who runs with her (or his) pooch, because we all know that dogs make the best running partners (and cute dog pictures make for good blog content)! I have a soft spot in my heart for dogs and can't help but love a running blogger who runs with her pooch.

Today's feature is Jen from Running with the Girls. You're going to love her blog and you can't help but fall in love with Pepper's sweet brown eyes. Jen is a fellow Fitfluential ambassador from Gardiner, Maine. Jen and Pepper don't let little things like freezing cold temperatures and snow get in the way of their running! Now that is dedication! 
Meet Jen and Pepper from Running with the Girls!

Tell us about your favorite running partner:
Pepper is almost six years old and a lab mix.

Where is your favorite place to run with your dog:
On the road.

Have you ever raced with your dog:
Nope! We only have one canine race and I'm never around that weekend. I need to make it the top of my priority list OR organize my own canine race because this girl would LOVE it!!!

Tell us about a running moment that has made you proud (does not have to be dog related):
Most recently I decided to start snowshoe running around my property and Pepper has been joining me as well. It's hard and she has to bound through the snow...but she sticks with me! Amazing. 

What important running lesson can we learn from our dogs:
Companionship is really what it's all about.

Check out Jennifer's blog over at Running with the Girls.
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  1. I love this - I run with my dog Nanook, he is four years old, when I start to put my running clothes on he is ready by the door to go. He is always ready and excited and makes running fun every time. Dogs are the BEST running partners xxx

  2. Great new feature on your blog! Running with my dog is a lot of fun! I've never needed to brave the snow, though, only the summer heat.

  3. Such a fun new feature. I will be a regular reader for sure. And great to see Jen and Pepper here today cause I love to follow them too! I may need to borrow a dog.... :) Have a fun weekend with Ollie.

  4. I'm so happy to be featured today!!!! When I get home from work, I'll take Pepper out for a celebratory run!

  5. Love this feature! And Pepper is adorable! My dog loves to walk but she won't run. She just STOPS after a block or two.

  6. I'm excited for this series so I can find new blogs to follow! Pepper is adorable, and I'm super impressed with Jen, snowshoe running sounds hard!

  7. I know that this is old, I just feel so touched in my heart anytime I read about little buddies like that. I love my dogs so much and this touches my heart. I think Pepper is amazing and pray you have a long long life together! : ) I just literally did a comparison on a lot of dog collars like a week ago ish. qualitycampingandhikingoutdoorgear. blogspot . com that last article that I wrote it is about comparing the different collars, they are all affordable, night collars I mean, but I suggest you have a look, as you may feel in your heart, they rely on you for some things, like you rely on them. You rely on them to be there for you, I know I look to my dog for so much comfort. They rely on you for food and safety. Safety is important - if you walk at night, you wear a vest or reflector or get a flash light. What about the little buddy? Doesn't he deserve something that flashes? Seriously. It's not expensive and you can get them almost anywhere, but read the thing I sent, the last one compares the Nite Dawg LED Pink Collar Cover, the Nite Dawg Pink Light up Dog Collar, the Orange Nite Dog Collar and the red LED Pet Leash...ALL OF WHICH ARE AFFORDABLE! seriously, your little dude (or dudette ;) if you have a female dog), DESERVES a light up collar, it will make the companion so visible. I love mine and use the nite dawg light up collar, not the cover, but the entire collar, works well and has for a long time. Anyway, nice post, love pepper! Pepper 4 life! ;)


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