Saturday, January 4, 2014

50 Quick & Easy Healthy Snack Ideas

I am a serial snacker (no, not a cereal snacker). I think I like snacks more than I like meals. This is not a problem, as long as I keep most of my snacks on the healthy all-natural side. Sure, I enjoy an entire bag a single serving of kettle chips as much as the next gal, but here are some healthier quick and easy snack ideas that help keep me satisfied between meals and on the go!

1. Grapes (try freezing them)
2. Apples slices with natural peanut butter
3. Plain Greek yogurt with blueberries
4. String cheese
5. Pistachios
6. Celery with natural peanut butter
7. Baby carrots and hummus
8. Hard boiled eggs
9. Almonds
10. Cherries (my favorite!)
11. Protein shake (mix your own)
12. Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella
13. Bananas
14. Raw veggies & salad dressing
15. Cottage cheese mixed with low sugar yogurt (trust me, it's delicious)
16. Sunflower seeds
17. Clementines (cuties!)
18. Cottage cheese plain or with berries or pineapples
19. Pineapples
20. Veggies w/ guacamole
21. Sugar snap peas
22. Lettuce tuna wraps with spicy brown mustard
23. Edamame
24. Unsweetened raisins
25. Old fashion oatmeal (add your own blueberries and cinnamon)
26. Turkey roll ups with cheese
27. Avocado and tomato on whole wheat toast
28. Air popped pop corn
29. Olives
30. All natural fiber bar
31. All natural granola
32. Pickles
33. Cashews
34. Natural peanut butter & honey on a spoon
35. Bananas
36. Orange slices
37. Kale chips
38. Natural peanut butter on whole wheat toast
39. Microwaved eggs (yes! you can do that!)
40. Cucumber slices
41. Strawberries
42. Pumpkin seeds
43. Veggie chips (look for all natural ingredients)
44. Plain yogurt & PB2 mixed
45. Protein bars (make your own!)
46. Mixed fruit salad
47. Fruit smoothie
48. All natural apple sauce
49. Fruit skewers
50. Shrimp with cocktail sauce

Do you have any snack ideas to add to my list? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!
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  1. I'm a serial snacker, too.!! These are great ideas! Thanks!!

  2. So many great snacks! I've eaten every one of them for a snack except #50!

  3. I love snacks too! I love adding almond slivers to my greek yogurt.

  4. Great ideas! Sugar peas is something I love for work. Especially now that they have small portable dips you can take with you!

  5. Thank you for the great ideas. Who knew you could microwave eggs. To bad I do not like eggs

  6. I love to freeze Whips yogurt cups...its JUST LIKE ice cream! Awesome!!

  7. I'm not just snacking or eating like a bird. See here is proof it's not just me! I get told I should eat more meals and not snack. HA! Big heavy food sometimes isn't apealing. I'll take a tuna lettuce wrap �� with a side of carrots and humas anyday over a cheese burger ��


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