Sunday, November 3, 2013

Five Blogs to Follow #Blogember

Here it is, Day 3 of Blogember, a month long challenge where I committed to blogging every single day of November! Sick of me yet? I hope not, because we still have 27 days to go!

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I am writing this on a Saturday afternoon, sipping on a pumpkin spice latte as the sounds of college football fill the house. I love autumn. As a kid in Pennsylvania, summer was always my favorite season, but now that (as a grown up) I don't get summers off, and I moved to Texas where the summer temperatures can be just short of unbearable, my favorite season quickly changed to fall.

I love the fall racing season, the fun Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, the back yard fire pits, and football.

I'm actually not a huge football fan. I am sentimental for my Pittsburgh Steelers, but generally not interested in much else, but there is something about the sounds of football on TV that is very soothing to me. It is probably because growing up in Pittsburgh, even though I was even less interested in football as a young girl, it was usually during family gatherings that the games were on. I think it reminds me of a time of feeling happy, comfortable, and carefree. Some people might listen to ocean waves or sounds of the rainforest to calm down, I just need a television with football announcers within ear shot to soothe my soul.

So why the sudden sentimentality about autumn more than 30 days into the season? Well folks, here in Fort Worth, Texas the temperature finally dropped to feel like fall. It might not even break 80 today (sarcasm font needed).

November 3: Five Favorite Blogs

Today's blog prompt for the challenge is to write about your five favorite blogs. I only get five? There are so many blogs that I love it is hard to keep up with them all. These last few years of blogging has opened up a whole new world to me, and one of my favorite parts of it all is the relationships I have developed with my readers and other bloggers. This is just a small sampling of my personal favorites, there really are so many more. If you only subscribe to five fitness blogs, make sure it is these five...oh and mine, yeah, don't forget to subscribe to mine. :)

The T-Rex Runner
I love this blog because Danielle is a great writer, she is funny, honest, and inspiring. Beware to click on her blog though, the last time I did that, I lost more than an hour of my day because I couldn't stop reading. Best to just go ahead and subscribe so you can read her blogs as they come up.

This blog holds a special place in my heart because Running Loving Living was one of the first blogs I ever followed. Toni's blog has inspired me in so many ways. I hope she doesn't mind, I've been stealing borrowing her ideas for years. Imitation is sincerest form of flattery, right? I first learned about Fitfluential from Toni's blog. She inspired me to host my own virtual race after I participated in hers, and I had the confidence to try my first giveaway years ago after entering one on her blog. She was a huge inspiration for me when I first started blogging, but the real reason to follow this blog? She continues to churn out great motivating content month after month. This is one you shouldn't miss.

You should follow this blog based on the title alone. Can't judge a blog by it's cover? This one you can. Ali's blog is as funny and relevant as the title implies. You won't regret subscribing. 

No favorite blog list (from me) is complete without a mention about my friend over at Tri-ing to Be Athletic. This isn't your regular fitness blog. This is a fitness blog in pictures. I sometimes whine mention how long it takes me to write these blog posts, I can't even imagine the time and dedication it takes to write a blog and draw hilarious pictures. I love her blog so much that I begged her to guest post on my blog once. Maybe I am secretly hoping she will draw a picture of me and Ollie someday. (Oops, not a secret anymore.) Seriously, if you feel like laughing your butt off, head over there and subscribe. 

I added this blog to my favorite list because after a couple of years of following this blog, it still baffles me that people actually do jog in jeans, plus Jill's commentary is hilarious. Don't believe me? Head over there for daily picture proof. This isn't a blog about people running to catch the bus in jeans and not really even about that old man at the gym on the treadmill in jeans (although you see that sometimes). There are actual honest-to-goodness people working out in jeans. My theory on this phenomenon? They either work out in jeans because they are completely clueless, because they think it is funny, or for charity. Go check it out and judge for yourself. Whatever the reason, it is pretty funny. 

Notice an overall theme? I guess I like fitness blogs that make me laugh. Do you follow any of these blogs? What are some of your favorites?

p.s. Have you entered my giveaway for Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle book? You can win it before you can buy it. Please check out my post to read my book review and enter to win. Giveaway ends November 7, 2013.

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  1. I read and love some of these blogs too, and yours, of course! Tri-ing to Be Athletic is so darned talented with her drawings!

  2. Had no idea you were a fellow Pittsburgh gal!!! thanks for the blog suggestions - these are all new to me!

  3. Thank you Lea! I'm so happy that you thought of me, and included me in such a great list!

  4. Blog everyday? I would love to but don't know how I would do it with my crazy schedule. Jogging Jeans? gotta check it out. I read about someone who did an ultra in jean shorts. least they were shorts. ;) Great list.

  5. Thanks for the intro to some bloggers I didn't know about!

  6. Thanks for the shout Lea!!!! Your blog is awesome and I am always inspired by you, you can use my ideas anytime you want, although my lack of blogging lately there aren't many!

  7. Nice, some I knew but two are new. Checking them out now. Thanks!

  8. Thank you so much for mentioning me. I am so honored! And also loved learning about these other blogs. I'm so impressed you're going to blog every day for a month - that's a huge commitment! I can barely handle a few times a week!

    1. I know! I can barely handle it either but so far I'm having fun!

  9. I totally get the football noises being soothing. Whenever I'm homesick in the fall, I turn on a football game regardless of who is playing while I go about my daily business just so I can here the whistles and occasional commentary.

  10. Love Tri-ing to be Athletic's drawings! So awesome. :) Thanks for the the other great blog suggestions!!


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