Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What's Beautiful?

Through my association with Fitfluental, I am incredibly excited to be part of a sponsored campaign in Under Armour's What's Beautiful program. What's Beautiful is described as a competition to redefine the female athlete, for me personally, it gives me a tremendous opportunity to redefine my personal goals.

Thea idea is that you sign up on Under Armour's What's Beautiful site and set an epic goal for yourself and maybe some small ones too. You declare your goal publicly, invite friends (or blog friends, hint hint) to declare their own goals, and then for the next several weeks, document your progress while we all work our asses off towards achieving our goals together, as a community! I set up a team called the Comfort Zone Smashers, because for me, success is all about pushing outside of my comfort zone (physically, mentally, and in and out of the fitness world). Won't you join me?

The best part is that while you are working towards your goals, you may get rewarded for your effort and dedication. Every week Under Armour is giving away swag bags to the top performers, the women who are really crushing it, and after eight weeks they will choose 10 finalists to advance to the next round. In the end, three winners will be flown to Costa Rica to attend a four day yoga and surf retreat. How's that for motivation?

My BIG goal? To stop talking about it and finally run a full marathon. I signed up for a training group to run the Dallas Marathon in December 2013. Here we go!  Here is my goal as declared on What's Beautiful.

"I will be a comfort zone crusher! I will train for my first full marathon. I will focus on strength training to get strong, not skinny! I will focus on maintaining balance with exercise and food. I WILL."

Click here to view my profile page. I'd love it if you would support my efforts by following me on this site and joining my team. It is like a social media site, but for the fit minded, like you and me.

What's Beautiful to me? It is beautiful to name a goal and work towards achieving it. It is beautiful to grow as a person and enjoy every moment of the process. It is beautiful to live in the here and now, while still striving for better things. It's beautiful to love yourself exactly how you are today, while working towards the future.

The beautiful thing (pun intended) is that the competition is open to all adult women, no matter what your goals! Do you have a goal you would like to declare? I encourage you to set up your own profile and once you name your own goal, please feel free to join my team on the site, Comfort Zone Crushers, so we can motivate and encourage each other along the way!

Check out my video where I declare my goals for What's Beautiful. (And watch me freak out a bit at 2:20.) Just so you are aware, vlogs are way outside my comfort zone. Crushed it! (except I don't know why I look so frightened those last two seconds.)


  1. Awwww so flippin' cool! Congrats, this is such a big deal! I look forward to reading about your adventures! xo Tara

  2. Hey Lea,

    I am doing the What's Beautiful Challenge too! I think your team sounds awesome! And your Marathon goal is definitely something that would put me out of my comfort zone. =) I look forward to seeing you inside What's Beautiful.

    I am hosting a weekly link up on my site for anyone who is blogging about their experiences with the challenge called What's Beautiful Wednesday. I wanted to invite you to link up. Here is the page:

    Hope you decide to join in! And I will follow you in the challenge too! Take care!

    1. I love it! I will definitely join! thanks for letting me know!!! :)

  3. I saw this campaign on several pages this week but now that I know what it's actually about, I'm PUMPED for this challenge. Like you, vlogs are terrifying for me (which is why I haven't done one yet!) so kudos to you for breaking out of that comfort zone. And extra kudos for signing up for that marathon! You're an inspiration Lea, truly. So...I'm going to sign up today and commit to breaking out of my comfort zone. My big goal this year is to take the progress I've made with strength training to the next level by working on my endurance and tightening up my figure as much as possible. This means more cardio (which I hate, lol) and more dedication to a clean diet. Furthermore, I'm going to work on getting out of my comfort zone OUTSIDE of the gym, which means taking on more challenges in my personal life. THAT's scary for me, but it's time I do this. Okay enough of my confessional here- headed to your page right now!! :-)

    1. Thanks for sharing your confessional! I love it! :)

  4. Good for you Lea! I just requested an invite to your team. :) Hopefully this will be the kick in the butt that I need.


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