Tuesday, April 2, 2013

10 Rock Songs to Spice up Your Running Playlist

When some of my fellow sweat pink ambassadors suggested a link-up post about our favorite running/work out songs, I knew this was one link-up I needed to participate in.

I have an equal passion for running and music (and even have a music blog, although it is a lot less popular and much more neglected than this one.) Since I love music so much, I always jump on the chance to talk about my favorite music on this blog.

I wrote a post about my Rock 'n Roll Running playlist already, but if I were just going to highlight just 10 motivating songs, I thought I would focus on the ones you might not already have on your playlist. I purposefully went off the mainstream, and in some cases dug back a few years, for these top 10 alternative rock songs that motivate me on my runs.

10 Alternative Rock Songs to Spice up Your Running Playlist  

1.  Artist: Jack White, Song: Sixteen Saltines

alternative Jack White track Freedom at 21

2. Artist: the Dead Weather, Song: Jawbreaker

alternative Dead Weather track Blue Blood Blues

3. Artist: The Fratellis, Song: Chelsea Dagger

alternative Fratellis track Henrietta

4. Artist: The Hives, Song: Abra Cadaver

alternative Hives track Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones

5. Artist: The Kills, Song: Sour Cherry

alternative Kills track U R A Fever

6. Artist: Millencolin, Song: Ray

alternative Millencolin track Shut You Out

7. Artist: The White Stripes, Song: Black Math

alternative White Stripes track: Icky Thump

8. Artist: Awolnation, Song: Burn it Down

no alternative track here. Take it or leave it. It is the only Awolnation song I like to run to.

9. Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Song: Honey Bear

alternative Yeah Yeah Yeahs track Phenomena

10. Artist: Cake, Song: Comfort Eagle

alternative Cake track The Distance

Will you add any of these songs to your work out playlist? What is your one favorite song that motivates you on a run or a work out?

Big thanks for Healthy Nest for hosting the Spring Playlist link up.  Head over there to see her post and check out all the playlist link ups from other bloggers!  You're sure to find some great new songs to add.

Keep Running,


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photo credit: Fey Ilyas via photopin cc


  1. I don't think I've heard of any of these songs. :\ I need to broaden my music horizons.

    1. dont feel bad Danielle, I purposely picked some of the more unknown songs, I figured everyone's playlist already has the popular stuff. :)

  2. Great songs, haven't heard of many but know most of the artists.

  3. I have all but one!! Almost all on a current playlist. WHOO HOO!!

    1. yay! you have fabulous taste in music... which one don't you have? Awolnation? just my guess...

  4. Many song I've not heard of before! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Awesome, unique list! A bunch of these are new to me. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I haven't heard of most of these songs, and love discovering new music, so thanks!

  7. what a variety of music.. have heard of some of the bands at least, does that count?? stopping in from the music list link up :)

  8. I am not familiar with most of these songs, this is why it's so great to read other's playlists. I just have to say that I love the title of your blog and your pup is a cutie. :)

  9. Found your list on Pinterest. I'm going to add the Awolnation track. Thanks!


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