Thursday, February 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Reading Nutrition Labels for Dummies

Welcome to another edition of Throwback Thursday.  This is the weekly post where I share older posts from Running for Dummies that you may have missed (and maybe an excuse to share some self-indulgent throwback pictures from my childhood.)

I have to tell you that this week, I am so excited because my lovely mother and sister are making the trip from Pennsylvania to Texas to visit me and hubby!  I am so excited for their arrival.

In honor of their visit, I thought I would share this picture and some thoughts on perspective. I have loved this picture for a long time. I had it framed in my first apartment as a young adult. I love the sad faces of me and my big sister, we look so cute with our pouty lips and tear-stained eyes.

It only occurred to me very recently when looking at this picture how my mother must have felt that day. She dressed up her two beautiful daughters for a photo session at Kmart, paid her hard-earned money, and all those brats could do is cry and fuss? I imagine she must have been frustrated with us for "ruining" her pictures. 33 odd years later, is it too late to say sorry, mom?  It was kind of eye opening to me to realize that in all these years (even when I was older), I never considered my mother's perspective. It reminds me to make an conscious effort to always consider other people's outlook.

OK, On to the post!

Throwback Thursday: Reading Nutrition Labels for Dummies

This week's throwback Thursday post is about how to read nutrition labels. I spent way too many years checking the calories, fat, and sugar content on the label and thinking that was enough information to make an informed decision. The problem is that if you are not reading the ingredients on the label, you are missing a major piece of the puzzle. Check out the original post here.

Please click over to the original post and let me know what you think!

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  1. I love looking at pics of me and my sis when we were younger. I bet your mom was frustrated then but now she probably loves the puc as much as you.

    Ingredients are the key.


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