Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Throwback Thursday: 10 "Health" Foods That are Not

As promised, less cutesy throwback pictures and more embarrassing ones.

I was playing around on my Google Drive and I found an old blog post that I had started before I even officially had started Running for Dummies.  It was an unfinished and unpublished blog post, dated July 2010.  It made me realize something:

I noticed how much I have changed. I wrote some things that I disagree with now, and this was only a few short years ago.  It took some time and experience to get to where I am. Sometimes you don’t even realize how far you have come or how much you have changed.

One thing I wrote in this blog on the topic of motivation was, “Again, with each choice the main focus is keeping your long term goals in mind.  Do I want to sleep in or do I want to be fit?  Do I want this ice cream or do I want to be in shape?”

I realize now that I can sleep in and still be fit.  I can even eat ice cream and still be in shape.  It is not an either-or-choice. I talk about on this blog about my personal struggle with an all-or-nothing mentality. I realized by reading what I wrote just a few years ago, that although I still struggle, I have come a long way.  My actions may not always reflect it, but at least my thinking is much more clear and balanced.  

10 Health Foods That are Not

This week’s Throwback Thursday post was one that I shared on March 18, 2012 called "Ten Health Foods That are Not." It was a well intentioned post about deceptive marketing on food packaging. To be true to my current voice, I had to do some major editing of the original post before I could share it with you again. I didn't realize how much I changed, until I read the things I wrote just a year ago.  I no longer think of foods in terms of good or bad.  Food is fuel. Of course, there are some foods that are better for your body than others. Of course, some foods are not ideal fuelI am not disputing that. There certainly are foods that are not good for your body consumed in large quantities on a regular basis. My point is that these days, I try to stay far away from the disordered thinking of good and bad food.

The idea of the post is be be aware of deceptive marketing.  Don't believe everything anything you read on the front on the package, only believe what you read in the nutrition facts, and more importantly in the list of ingredients. 

I hope your click over and read the original post

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  1. I love moments where I get a peak at the old me and can appreciate how far I have come. It is both humbling and inspiring for me to be able to self reflect and learn from myself. It's also great to know you are headed in the right direction. Congrats on the positive changes in mind, body and soul!!

  2. It has always been funny for me to look back on old things I have written- journals or otherwise.... amazing how our thoughts and outlooks and realities change from day to day, year to year. thanks for sharing :)

  3. Food labels are so deceptive. So many of my diabetic patients think they can't eat fruit because there's "too much sugar" but they down product after product of "sugar free" junk because the label says there's not sugar. So frustrating!

  4. ahhh yes. it's amazing how, for example, wheat bread is often just white with a spray tan...

  5. Labels suck! Btw you'll love my post today ;)

  6. I think we need better laws overseeing the marketing of food. In particular, food aimed at children and teens. Nutella is one of my favourite brands to hate; "a full cup of skim milk and 90 hazelnuts in every jar". That and a crapload of sugar! When you break it down by portion, not much milk or nuts in each.

    Buyer beware, I guess!

  7. I love looking back and seeing what I used to think was healthy! I used to eat "vegan" butter that is laden with chemicals. Now I just use real butter but in moderation. And I completely agree about all the sugar!

  8. We seem to be on the same page. I have been talking a lot about how we change with experience and how shouting anything too loud now will probably come back to bite your later. In particular I have been talking about political views but I think it is true in fitness as well. I have written before about how much my running has evolved over the years and how the motivation for my running has changed as I have grown older. I started running because I wanted to avoid my parents' health problem. When I had my first baby I ran in order to get through PPD. As they got older I ran because I wanted to be a positive role model. As I change so does my motivation. Love this post. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I tell people al the time that just because something says 100 calorie or low fat does NOT mean it's healthy. It just means "I have a ton of chemilcals and sugar/salt/some other filler.


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