Friday, November 30, 2012

Gifts For Runners (aka My Christmas Wish List)

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Let's skip the Charades.  Instead of pretending that this is a blog post about gift ideas for runners, let's just call it what it is; my personal Christmas wish list.  So if you were wondering what to buy me for Christmas this year, look no further.  If you happen to love a runner (besides me) and wondering what the heck they might want this holiday season, this is a good place to start.

1. Compression Sleeves/Socks. ($25-$60)
For me, the brighter and bolder the color the better! Compression socks increase the circulation in your legs and assist in recovery, plus they look cute at races with running shorts.

2. Arm Warmers ($20-$35)
I have this strange aversion to running with sleeves.  It always feels so restricting to me.  I love a good tank top, but with the approach of the winter months, it's getting cold out there!  Arm warmers are the perfect solution, warm your arms without restricting your arm pits. If your runner gets too warm, they can slip them off and never have to make the rookie mistake of tying a jacket around their waist again! 

3. Finishers Medal / Race Bib Display Rack ($30 and up or crafty)
You know the real reason us runners run those races, right? It is the finishers medals!  Instead of tucking them away in the junk drawer, how about a display rack to brag about display their running accomplishments? If you are super crafty, you could make a personalized one.  I spell my name L-E-A.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

4. iTunes or Amazon MP3 Gift Card ($10 and up)
Every runner wants to amp up their running playlist. period.
Source: via Melody on Pinterest

5. 13.1 ornament.  ($10-$15 or crafty)
Simple, inexpensive, and probably available at your local running store.  If you are crafty, you could make one.  I'm not crafty at all, I just pressed some scrap booking numbers on an ornament.  You can do much better than me.
don't give this to anyone.

6. Rundies ($65)
Funny underwear for runners.  Seriously, I want these.  Could they be any cuter?
Source: via Marleni on Pinterest

7. Yurbuds ($35-$50)
The ear buds that stay in your ears (even when running).  I haven't tried these myself, (duh, that is why they are on my wish list), but I've read many fitness bloggers rave that they do actually stay in your ears.  What runner doesn't want that? 

8. Tech workout gear ($varies)
Runners always need more running clothes.  Need.  Anything goes; trendy, basic or outrageous, depending on your runners personality.  Just stay away from cotton fabrics.  I'm a fan of black and white, in case you were wondering.
I love these outfits from Palm Beach Athletic Wear

9. Brooks Vapor Dry 2 Glove ($30)
Have you ever tried to operate your touch screen iPod/MP3 player wearing gloves? Yeah, it doesn't work.  Every Runner needs these.  I know what you are thinking, you can't take your gloves off for a second to advance the song? No, I can't. Don't judge me. 
10. Running Store Gift Certificate ($your choice)
If all else fails, run (no pun intended) into your local running store and buy your favorite runner a gift certificate.  Trust me, that runner in your life will appreciate it. 
What do you want for Christmas?

photo credit: erin m via photopin cc


  1. Great ideas! I especially love the arm warmers, undies and ornament idea. I think I know what to do for my BIL now for his christmas gift, thanks! :)

  2. great ideas, pinned the bib and medal holder idea. I bought myself arm warmers and yurbuds for Disney W&D and love them. Got to get me those undies.

  3. I love that underwear, too funny! Great list, Lea. Hope you get it all. :)

  4. I love the Rundies!! Too cute! Great wishlist...I think I may add arm sleeves to mine now.

  5. Those rundies are so cute!! Thanks for sharing your list!

  6. Great list! I want it all :-)

    I feel the same way about long sleeves.

  7. Here are 10 ideas for gifts under $10

  8. I bought my husband a golf ball muscle roller, he’s been wanting one for awhile and i finally found one for a good price!!


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