Friday, September 28, 2012

To Be or Not To Be...a Beach Body Coach

My Dear Reader,

I need your help.  I am trying to decide if I should take the plunge and become a Beach Body coach (or not).

This is something I have been considering for several months, but not sure I am ready to make the commitment.  I just finished Insanity.  I had so much fun blogging about the program as I killed myself worked through it.  I am big believer in the program.  I think I had great results.  I know I can help motivate others to achieve their own great results.  In October I am starting P90X and will blog about my experience and progress.  I have been casually talking to someone on Twitter about joining their Beach Body team.

My Insanity Before & After Pictures

The Pro's: 
  • It seems like such a natural fit.  I am passionate about these programs.  I have promoted Insanity for free for months by blogging about my experiences.  
  • I am passionate about helping and motivating others on their own fitness journeys.
  • I feel that others could benefit from some of the things I learned a long the way while doing Insanity.
  • As a coach, I would get a discount on Beach Body products and Shakeology.
  • Maybe I could make a few extra bucks?

The Con's: 
  • There is small monthly fee to maintain a Beach Body coach website.  I am very conscious of my monthly expenses, (we try to live as debt free as possible) and I am not interested in incurring any monthly fees that are not reaping results.
  • My Biggest Concern: My readers mean a lot to me and I don't want to turn my blog or my Facebook page into an advertisement for Beach Body.  While I am happy to blog about my experiences with Beach Body products because I believe in them so strongly, I certainly don't want to alienate my readers.  I never want you, my readers, to feel that I am here solely because I want to sell you something.  That will never be true.  I want to help inspire and motivate people no matter what method they use to achieve personal fitness.  For some people that might be taking up a daily walk, or joining Cross Fit, or a million things in between, including but not limited to, the Beach Body programs. 
So, my dear reader, my reason for being, what do YOU think?  My blog will always be first and foremost about YOU.  I will always write about running, strength training, issues of motivation, product reviews and healthy eating.  Do you think becoming a Beach Body coach is a natural next step or do you think it is a distraction from my blog's core message?   I'd love to hear your opinion, because frankly, I can't decide what to do!

Keep Running,


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  1. Lea, I am considering this also as the program has now opened up to Canadians. It is an opportunity to reach even more people to live a balanced healthy life. I am a commitment phobe though so more thinking this through. I am sure you would make an excellent coach and you will make the right decision for you. ;)

  2. I have been talking to a friend about this same thing. She is a sweet girl I know from college & she isn't trying to push me into it, so that is nice. I haven't actually tried the workouts, but I like 2 of the 4 Shakeology flavors. I think your readers would be fine with it. From the way it sounds, you won't be trying to recruit them hardcore. If you love & believe in the products, it sounds like a good plan. But, the cost & time put into the BB websites is definitely a downside.

    So this post was very unhelpful. Lol. Sorry about that. I can't speak for everyone, but I will still follow you if you take the plunge. You're my #plankaday hero. ;-)

  3. If you become a beachbody salesperson, I'm out. Just sayin.

  4. Stick to the blog. You're inspiring and most important genuine! For me personally the whole Beachbody thing is a turn off.

  5. I think you should do what "feels" right. If you are questioning it, then maybe it's not the best thing for you now. If you really wanted to, you would....I think your blog is doing awesome. Think about the time and dedication you would have to put into another site. Also, think about how much you just love being a personal blogger. I think you should just stick to what you are doing.


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