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I am very thankful that the Fort Worth Running Company hosts these race series.  August-November is the Fire & Ice Series and December-February is the Winter Race Series. They are inexpensive no-frills races which fit perfectly into my race schedule and budget.  No frills racing, no medals, no t-shirts, just a bib and a beautiful race course through Trinity Park.  They have official timers, photographers, water stations and plenty of competition.  You can't beat it for $10 a pop especially when I have committed to myself to run at least one race a month in 2012.  Races can get expensive!

I went to the Fort Worth Running Company's store on Seventh Ave on Friday before the race to pick up my bib.  I can't walk into that store without buying something.  They had the cutest pink Nike boy shorts on display and I told myself that I'll just try them on, not buying anything today.  They turned out to be super cute and it was payday so I splurged a bit.  Now while I love fashion and shopping, I am not a big spender on clothes.  I've been known to walk the aisles in the Juniors department (yes, I am 38).  I am a bargain hunter for sure.  So $35 for a pair of work-out shorts was a little out of my usual spending habits.  I rationalized the purchase with three points:

1. I am supporting a locally owned Fort Worth business that gives back so much to the community.  I would rather give my money to these good people than to some giant corporate sporting goods store.
2. I have been on a no-spend lunch budget for the last three weeks.  That means no lunches out during the work week.  I skipped at least three $10 lunches out over the last three weeks.  At least now I have shorts, if I had bought lunches, I would have nothing to show for it.
3. Most races cost between $30-$50 to run, they give you a "free" shirt and you get whatever style they decide to give you.  This race only cost $10.  These shorts were kind of like my "free" shirt had I paid more for the race, only better, I actually like these shorts.

OK, done rationalizing.  I know you don't care where I spend my money.  Someone let my husband know. Onto the race.

The night before any race, I lay out my clothes and pull together all my running accessories.  I call it my "Flat Dummy," borrowed or inspired by, Moms Run This Town who do "Flat Mamas" on their Facebook page.

I get up at 5:30 on Saturday to prepare for the 7am start time.  This by the way, is about an hour and half earlier than I got up any day this week for work.  I drank my coffee and my two bananas and headed the race site. 

I stood at the starting line and waiting for go-time.   First rule of Running For Dummies? Remember to load your GPS satellites BEFORE the race starts! D'uh! I don't know my official time yet, because it took a minute or two for the satellites to load while I was already running.  My GPS watch is missing a couple minutes of data.  Nevertheless, I was off and was faster than my training pace, as is the norm for me at the start of races.  I tried to slow down a bit, but I really did want to push my pace this time and try to PR this race.  Since this was a shorter distance, I figured I could sustain a slightly faster pace than my usual long race pace.

I followed closely behind a guy with huge calf muscles, who unbeknownst to him, became my unofficial pacer.  I was determined to stay with this fast guy.  I was working hard and definitely pushing my pace a little outside of my comfort zone.  I was using my music and my new pacer friend to stay upbeat.  The first three miles were a breeze, then mile four and five started to get harder, but I sustained.  It was during the last mile, that I started to lose my pacer and I slowed.  I started to develop a side stitch, which never progressed into anything debilitating, but was annoying and effecting my breathing, so I had to slow down a bit.  Despite my issues at the end, I still maintained a respectable overall pace and even achieved a new personal record.

Mile 1 -8:09
Mile 2 -8:16
Mile 3 -8:23
Mile 4 -8:20
Mile 5 -8:25
Mile 6 -8:44

missing .12 miles of data because this dummy forgot to load the satellites before the race started.

The most amazing part of it to me is that I ran this same race a year ago and it took me 1:06 to complete the same 10K. It is very motivating to see how far I have come in the course of a year.  I was nearly 15 minutes faster than last year, but in the interest of full disclosure, last year it was raining during the race.  I wrote a blog about how I believe I came to be faster, if you are interested in checking that out (here).

Finished in my new shorts!
Update: I just found out that I placed FIRST in my age division!

Official Time: 0:51:23
Pace: 8:17
1st in my age division, females age 30-39
8th place overall

Hubby said, "Congratulations, you're the fastest old person I know."  Ha Ha!

What is your next race?

Keep Running,

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  1. Holy cow!! Congrats on that HUGE PR!! It's awesome when you can compare your pace to the same course :D

  2. Love seeing progress like that. Keep up the great work!

  3. That's great! I love the outfit. If only guys had so many options. :)

    My next race is possibly a half in sept.

    And yes races are expensive!

  4. AWESOME JOB!!! thats a huge accomplishment and a big improvement in just one year of time!! you are very inspiring to me!! i want to be exactly like that when i am 38. you're giving me great strides to leap for!!! SPA love!

  5. CONGRATS! I ran a race down there in March and visited the Ft Worth running company, loved the store! You've improved so much!

  6. Wow congrats! That is an awesome time!

  7. LOVE IT!!!!

    your BFF (you know, the one who USE to run with you and now doesn't!!! HA HA)


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