Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independence Day Fun!

If you work in a big office anything like mine, you know that it seems like every week it is somebody's birthday.  Then there are lunch meetings, breakfast meetings, vendor dinners, pot-lucks, baby showers, wedding showers and holidays to celebrate.   And how do we celebrate?  With food, of course.  Independence Day is approaching and our office is closed for the holiday, but of course no holiday can go by without a celebration!

“We are going to a Happy Birthday party for America on Tuesday July 3rd. I will send a sign- up sheet around and please note you do not have to participate but if you are in the mood to have an all American birthday lunch please join us.  Hot dogs, chips, watermelon, apple pie and ice cream and whatever floats your boat or lights up your firecrackers, YUM!”

So what’s a healthy girl to do?  I always bring a green salad or a fruit salad to these types of gatherings.  I’m sure there are other people around who appreciate having a healthy option on the table.  I started looking around on Pinterest for a healthy fourth of July themed recipe.   Truth be told, I was looking at Pinterest anyway, and this idea jumped out at me.

Although I consider myself a some-what creative person, if it wasn't for the creative genius of Pinterest, I could never come up with an idea like this one.  Fruit skewer American flag with strawberries & bananas as the stripes and blueberries as the stars.  Sounds easy enough, even for a kitchen dummy like me.  How did I ever get by before Pinterest?

I recruited the help of a friend and we got to work.   It couldn’t have been any easier and it was a big hit.
Carey and I building our flag!

No, we didn't wear matching striped shirts (on purpose).
Finished! Our Fruit Flag!

We are pretty proud of ourselves!
Oops, somebody already ate it before I could take the final picture!

Happy Independence Day Everyone!  Enjoy and be healthy!

Keep Running,

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