Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm Afraid to Post This Blog

I am embarking upon (embarking upon? Yeah, stay with me) two kind-of- scary-for-me health and fitness related goals. The reason that they are scary is that I am unsure that I will be successful. Now, we all know deep down that fear of failure is not a valid option. As a matter of fact, I've come to understand that failing at things helps you learn how to be better, smarter and stronger. Fear of failure is not a reason not to try. Failure itself is not always bad, as long as you gave it an honest effort and learned from it. One of my favorite fitness blogs, Nerd Fitness, has a blog post called Fail More, Suck Less which I found incredibly inspirational. You should read it too. I mean, of course, after you finish reading this one.

The first goal is my own journey into strength training that doesn't involve a class, a video, a trainer or boot camp. I love my boot camp class, but it really gets expensive and I think with focused training, I can achieve the same or better results on my own. You know, for free (or the price of a gym membership). Boot Camp gave me a solid foundation into the strength training realm when I needed it most, in December, in the midst of holiday gluttony. It is a matter of motivation more than anything. I always go to boot camp because it is freakin' expensive and if I miss a class, I am just throwing money away. I usually don't have too many motivation issues with running, because deep down, I really love running. Really! Strength training is a different story for me. I sort of dread it, but do it because I know it is such an important piece of the puzzle.

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So, I decided that I am going to finish out this latest boot camp session that ends of the first week of March and start the Body for Life 12 week challenge. The scary part for me is that this isn't the first time I had this idea. As a matter of fact, I think I have owned the Body for Life book for well, 10 years. Once, a long time ago, I did a week or two of it and fell off track. In 2010, after we did some major (read:expensive) house remodeling, I had the exact same idea that I typed above. I would stop going to boot camp to save money and start Body for Life on my own, at the gym. Well, I never did it ONE day. Not ONE. Total failure. Then because I wasn't going to boot camp anymore, I wasn't doing any strength training. What can I learn from my failure? Um, next time, actually do it. Note to self: Got it dumb ass? Do it.

One of the reasons I like Body for Life is that it is pretty dummy proof. All the workouts are already laid out for you exactly, with pictures and instructions, for each day of the 12 week program. It shows you how to make the workouts progressively harder, as you get stronger. It also has food journals, progress journals, goal setting and interval training, all the things I need for success. So, I type this here today to make myself accountable. So when you ask me in three weeks how my training is going, I will be able to tell you, "It's going ___ (fill in the blank: Great! Hard! Terrible!" rather than, "Um, well...uh, training?"

Then, I plan to put the $150 I would have paid for 6 weeks of boot camp in my savings account and after 6 weeks of successful training, buy myself something special with that money as a reward. You know, like pay an extra 1/2 car payment or extra 1/10 mortgage payment to get ahead? Dream Big, Lea.

My second scary fitness goal is to work towards earning my personal training certification. I've been talking about this for at least two years and dreaming about it even longer. If only I would have been studying for two years, I would have long ago received my certification and be on my way to my other long terms goals that I am not ready to discuss here just yet. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. One step at a time.

It really comes down to that I need to make the investment to purchase the study materials (Hey, I can use my boot camp money!) and actually, you know, do it. Again, it has been the 'doing it' part that has been holding me back. Why haven't I started? Why did I buy a book almost two years ago and never followed through? Maybe fear? Its probably not going to be easy. I probably have to memorize anatomy not-fun stuff and maybe stay off Facebook and Pinterest long enough to do something productive with my free time. GASP! Can I do this? Of course I can, but I certainly can never do it, if I don't start.

The first step in achieving this goal to read through the book I already bought to gain general comprehension of the material. Then, I will purchase the study materials recommended for the American College of Sports Medicine Certification and begin to really study for the exam.

All of this starts on Monday. Wish me luck! Actually, I don't need luck. I need hard work and motivation and probably prayers.

This is scary stuff. Running a 1/2 marathon was never a scary goal for me, because it is familiar. Even my eventual goal of running a full marathon is not scary to me, because I already know that I can do it. Running is my comfort zone. I am learning how to live outside my comfort zone in order to meet my goals, be stronger and more successful.

What are your goals for March and beyond? I'd really love to hear them.


  1. Again, I love reading your blog! My goal is to get out of my comfort zone too and do more for others. Sounds kinda lame but I think of how much time I waste on the computer. So this week a friend of mine was having a melt down trying to run two businesses. I had the day off, and I could have stay home and did what I wanted but I went and helped her clean and organize all afternoon. It was moral support for her and it made me feel terrific! That's the person that I want to be. Eyes open, ears open- I want to be a giver.

  2. Leslie, That doesn't sound lame at all! That sounds Awesome! You are such a good person!! I know I dont know you that well, but I can tell you already ARE a giver!!! I LOVE that your personal goals are to help other people, but dont forget to help yourself too! You're awesome! Thanks again for all your support!!

  3. Love Body for Life! I used to use this for my clients in the gym! Great meal plan and theory! I am doing the same thing for my certification, I am currently going for yoga teacher training so I already put a huge amount of $$ down for that but I want to finish PT certification. Excited to see how it goes for you girl! You got it!


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