Sunday, December 11, 2011

Runners Right of Passage

I firmly believe in that quote posted across the top of my blog:

I do believe there is an unwritten right of passage for distance runners. You can certainly call yourself a runner if you strap on your shoes and run down the street for the first time tomorrow. You are now a runner. However, you know you are crazy a hard-core runner when you have had at least some of the following experiences:

1. Your toe nails have turned black and/or fallen off.
2. You have rashes you dont talk about in unspeakable places (or maybe you talk about them, I dont know).
3. You have taken an ice-cold bath with added ice in the winter.
4. You have sh*t your pants and/or sh*t on a secluded trail (or at the very least, you scoped out a bush on a long run and seriously considered it)
5. You have put band aids on your nipples (not by themselves silly, you likely wore a sports bra and a shirt also).
6. You have ran when it was dark, cold, raining or snowing (or maybe all those things at once).
7. You (stupidly) continued to run after an injury.
8. You have perfected the art of the snot rocket / You can launch a loogie as well as an 8th grade boy or a MLB player.
9. You feet bled and soaked your socks and you keep going.
10. You have blisters than would put any high heel related blisters to shame.

No one ever said running was pretty.

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