Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fire & Ice Race Series, Race #2, September 17, 15k

The night before the race, it started raining. I couldn't help but think, NOT again! We have been under severe drought in Texas and we haven't had a good rain since, well.... the first Fire & Ice Race back in August. Really? Is this happening again? I ran the August race in the rain, but that was only a 10K. Am I going to be able to survive the rain and humidity for a 15k? We'll see, I guess. Jim Newsom from Fort Worth Running Company, who hosts and sponsors the races, joked that they were going to change the name of the race series to Fire and Rain. It hasn't rained even one time since the last race in August. Despite my worries and the storms Friday night, I woke up Saturday morning and the skies were clear. It was pretty humid from the last nights rain, but otherwise the air was cool and the skies were dry. I knew it was going to be a good race.

Jessica showed up at my house at 6:30am and we headed down to Fort Worth Running Company for the race at Trinity Park. I was feeling good and ready. I am coming off a cold or an allergy attack (I cant tell the difference anymore) and had not run much this week. I felt rested, energized and ready to conquer these miles.

I got out of the car and realized that I left my Garmin at home. I was disappointed not to have it, but also felt free not to obsess over every minute, every mile, pace, time, etc. I was just going to run whatever felt right and that was going to have to be good enough. The mile markers would give me enough of a guidance of the distance.

I was pleasantly surprised that the course was completely different than the last race. I assumed it would be similar and it felt good to explore new parts of the park that I have never run before. The first four or five miles were easy and effortless as I passed the time chatting with my running partner/BFF. It's amazing how quickly the time and miles pass when your mind is on other things. Right before mile six, I was really getting warmed up and started getting my race legs. Jessica and I agreed to part ways as I ran ahead. My legs were moving. I was passing those same people who passed me earlier in the race. I fist pumped in silent physical celebration as I passed each mile marker...6....7....8. Once I reached mile 8, I decided I was going to the run the last mile or so as fast as I could. OK, maybe not being-chased-by-a-bear-fast, but I was booking it. It was only a little more than a mile after all. I can suffer through some pain at the end. I would make up some time at the last mile.

I brought it home strong and felt the elation of finishing! Although I know I am never going to win a race or finish top of my age group, I run races for the that infamous 'runners high'. It's a real thing. I dont finish every race on top of the stat charts, but I always finish on top of the world.

Next up? Half Marathon on October 15th! Yeah, baby!

me and Jessica at the finish line after the 15K

Update: Race Results.
I finished 11th out of 21 in my age group (30-39) female. I almost always finish right dab in the center of the pack.

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