Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Than Nine Lives

OK, so this is a bit off the usual topic, but I wrote a poem for my friend who just lost her dear longtime friend, Gypsy the cat. Of course, I crack myself up and I apologize in advance for the Charlie Sheen reference. I hope you like it and Mikki, I hope it makes you smile, as that was really the only intended purpose. Here goes:

More Than Nine Lives

I have a friend named Mikki,
Who had a cat named Gypsy.
One of them was fat,
And one of them was tipsy.

They met in Pittsburgh,
Survived the snow and cold.
But they were out of their element,
If the truth be told.

So they packed it up,
and hit the highway.
Off to the west coast,
To make a home in LA

This humble cat,
from a humble beginning.
Lived the good life,
D'uh, she was winning.

This spoiled fat cat,
Always full of love.
Now lays by the window,
In cat heaven, above.

Sad but content,
Mikki sips on her wine
She knows Gyspy lived more lives,
than the typical nine



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